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Top Specialty Hotels in Bharatpur, Rajasthan

This is the list of the top three specialty hotels of Bharatpur.

(The list is subject to the number of user reviews we get from the visitors of Bharatpur.)

The Birder’s Inn
(Bird Sanctuary Road)

The Birder's Inn

A modern facility with a slight touch of Rajasthani tradition – the Birder’s Inn is a fantastic place to relax and rejuvenate. Large plush rooms with sophisticated baths, a beautiful sprawling garden and a variety of cuisines is what makes Birder’s Inn a favourite of most visitors. The hotel offers five types of cuisines, including Continental, Chinese, Indian, Italian and Mexican. The icing on the cake is, of course, Mr.Tirath Singh’s (the caretaker) wit and humor.

The staff is well-trained and all their services are offered with a platter full of smile! Despite the homely atmosphere facilitated by Mr. Singh the workforce is extremely professional. The best part is that the Birder’s Inn has not used the luxuries and pamperings as an excuse to increase prices. They are competitive and conveniently located at a distance of half a kilometer from the bird sanctuary.

User Rating: 4.8/5

Mahal Khas Palace
(Lohagarh Fort)


This is a heritage building situated in the middle of the Lohagarh Fort. The palace was built by Maharaja Balwant Singh in 1826. The architecture is typically Mughal. The building has 2 patios, intricate murals and beautiful sculptures. All the rooms and deluxe suites are beautifully decorated and equipped with private balconies. Mr Abhay Vir Singh has a great penchant for hospitality. His immaculate hospitality skills added to the old-time feel of the building makes it a delightful experience for visitors.

Despite being an old palace, all the rooms are equipped with television sets and AC. Mahal Khas Palace offers Indian and continental cuisine. All in all, it’s quite a value for money.

User Rating: 4/5

Hotel Saras
(Saras Choraha)


Located at a 10-minute distance from Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary, this is an Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (RTDC) hotel. Like its counterparts, it does not offer too much in terms of luxury but it has all the necessities in place. To put it crisply, it’s a basic hotel which facilitates a clean, comfortable stay. The staff is reasonably professional, though not very well-dressed. It is recommended to ask for one of the rooms which overlook the main road, as the early morning feel is extremely rejuvenating.

User Rating: 3.8/5


Luxury Hotels in Bharatpur, Rajasthan

Yes, it’s a small city. No, there is no dearth of accommodation facilities for all kinds of tourists and travelers. Bharatpur boasts of some big names of the hospitality industry. This is a list of the best luxury hotels in Bharatpur. (This list is subject to the number of user reviews we get from the visitors of Bharatpur.)

The Bagh Resort Bharatpur
(Old Agra, Achnera Road)

The Bagh Resort BharatpurA home away from home! That’s why Bagh Resort is a good option for those who are looking to escape the hustle-bustle of city life or are planning a quiet, romantic honeymoon. The 22 rooms in the resort are surrounded by a beautiful bagh or garden, where peacocks can be spotted early mornings. The rooms are huge, the surrounding quite scenic, the staff well-trained and food decent. The prices are slightly high @ Rs.5,500 and above.

User Rating: 4/5

Hotel Surya Vilas Palace
(NH 11 Fatehpur Sikri Road)

Hotel Surya Vilas Palace

This hotel offers rooms for Rs.3,000 per night and is quite a value for money. Situated in a beautiful property, the rooms are spacious and well maintained. The décor has an appealing traditional rajasthani touch. However, the best part is the personalized attention that the concierge and his staff bestow on you. The rooms and baths are well equipped with equipment for every season. The hotel has a beautiful garden lawn as well as a pool.

User Rating: 4.2/5

Laxmi Vilas Palace Hotel
(Kakaji Ki Kothi)

hotel laxmi vilas palace bharatpurThis heritage site is a restored property whose décor harks back to the bygone era of the rajas and mharajas. Keeping with that long-lost time, the entire hotel is marbled floors. The rooms are huge, the beds decorated in an authentic Rajasthani style. Keeping with the kind of maintenance it requires, the room rents are Rs.4,000 and above.

User Rating: 4.5/5

Budget Hotels in Bharatpur, Rajasthan

This is a list of some of the budget hotels in Bharatpur.
(This list is subject to the number of user reviews we get from the visitors of Bharatpur.)

Evergreen Guest House
(Gauri Shankar colony)

At Rs.364, this guest house offers very good service. The rooms are large and equipped with all the basic facilities. Food is also quite good.

User Rating: 2/5

Hotel Spoonbill & New Spoonbill
(Near Tourist Reception Center)
Here, rooms are available for Rs.750 and above and services are value for money. It is actually a residential place in which the owner’s family rents out 4-5 rooms to visitors. Conveniently located at Saras Chowk, Hotel Spoonbill boasts of a library, in order to acquaint visitors with the attractions of the city. The rooms are equipped with western bathrooms and toilets and the food offerings are customized to suit the taste buds of visitors. There is facility for a bonfire in the compound for the winter months.

User Rating: 2.3/5

Hotel Park Regency
(Bird Sanctuary Road)
This hotel seems to have all the facilities – except that none of them are in a working condition. The rooms are equipped with televisions and the baths with geysers, however, due to lack of maintenance they do not work at times. There is no power backup in the hotel. Despite all the inconveniences, the room charges are as high as Rs.1,100. Park Regency is not value for money at all.

User Rating: 1/5

Swaraj Resorts
(Opposite Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary)

Rooms in Swaraj Resorts are offered at Rs.1,200 or more but they have beautiful rooms and picturesque gardens to justify the price. The resort is situated at a 3-minute walking distance from the Keoladeo bird sanctuary. The staff at Swaraj are humble and, most often than not, supplicant. Visitors putting up at this hotel are recommended to have their breakfast in the garden. The natural, early-morning breeze, in addition to the musical notes from birds, make for an excellent, relaxing ambience.

User rating: 4/5

B’n’B Facilities @ Bharatpur, Rajasthan

The Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan is well equipped with hospitality facilities to ensure that your stay in the city is comfortable. This is a list of some of the most well-equipped bed and breakfast facilities in the city.

(The list of B&B is subject to the number of user reviews we get from visitors of Bharatpur.)

Iora Guest House
(54,Gauri-Shankar Colony)


A quaint, neat little place, Iora maintains a stunning degree of cleanliness, taking into account the fact that it’s a budget accommodation (Rs.450/night and above). The food offered is nothing short of excellent – in fact, this factor is exactly what makes Iora a home away from home. Furthermore, the bird sanctuary is at a 10 minutes distance from the guest house.

All in all, Iora is an absolute value for money! Another reason for a wonderful experience is the owner, Devendra Singh’s, resourcefulness in catering to visitors’ travel needs. Mr. Singh is a professional photographer and wildlife conservationist.

User Rating: 4.9/5

Royal Guest House
(B-15, Civil Lines)


If you do not wish to stay near the noisy highway, this is the best place B&B to put up in. The high point of this place is that the food is cooked by the caretaker’s wife from vegetables grown in the kitchen garden. Meals have to be ordered an hour in advance because they start chopping the veggies only after you place the order J

Additionally, the sanctuary is just at a 10-minute walking distance. Royal Guest House facilitates money exchange and internet facilities (free of charge). The room rent starts at Rs.400/night.

User Rating: 4.2/5

Jungle Lodge
(Gori Shankar Colony)


Situated just half a kilometer away from Keoladeo National Park, the Jungle Lodge is known for its sprawling gardens. There are rooms in two different sizes, therefore priced differently – the bigger rooms are for Rs.400 and the smaller ones are for Rs.300. The rooms on the second floor have access to a lovely veranda.

The owner of Jungle Lodge, Ashok, is a naturalist and proves to be a very helpful guide for the sanctuary. His wife, Indu, is an excellent cook. Most of the food cooked in the lodge is grown in the garden itself.

User Rating: 3.8/5

Attractions in Bharatpur, Rajasthan: Part 1

Yes, the Keoladeo bird sanctuary and Bharatpur are synonymous to each other. However, that’s not the only spectacular place in the city! The foundation was laid for the city of Bharatpur around 100AD when the Jats migrated to India. For a small city, Bharatpur has quite an intricate and gory history involving the founders – the Jat rulers, the Mughal reign and the transfer of power to the British East India Company. This rich history has left its mark on Bharatpur in the form of architectural and cultural heritage.


In fact, Bharatpur is a city of forts. The interesting forts and palaces in and around the city reflect the sheer architectural brilliance while offering a glimpse of the ceremonious lifestyle followed by the royals. This is the first of a three blog series about the major attractions in Bharatpur.

Lohagarh Fort and Museum

Braj Mahotasav 2009

Lohagarh or the Iron Fort has lived up to its name several times in the course of history. Lohagarh’s modest appearance belies its strength. Constructed during the reign of Maharaja Suraj Mal, this fort has withstood repeated attacks by the Mughals and later, by the British army. The British army had to compromise with the rulers of Bharatpur several times due to the impregnable nature of the fort. However, in 1805, the forces led by Lord Gerard Lake managed to capture the fort after a six-week long siege.

The Lohagarh fort houses several monuments – Kothi Khas, Kishori Mahal and Mahal Khas – and towers – Fateh Burj and Jawahar Burj, symbolizing the victories won by Bharatpur over the Mughals and British. There is also an Ashtadhatu (8-metal) gateway.

Legend has it that the Ashtadhatu gateway belonged to the Chittorgarh fort, which was taken away by Alauddin Khilji of Delhi after a battle. By the end of the 17th century, the victorious Jats brought the gate back from Delhi to Bharatpur.

The palace attached to the fort is a blend of Rajput and Mughal architecture. The gigantic apartments of the palace, the intricate patterns etched on the walls and the patterned tiles on the floor bear evidence of the grand and magnificent lifestyle led by the rulers of Bharatpur. The museum hosts 4000 antiquities, including some distinguished sculptures from various parts of India, arms, inscriptions and ornamental art objects.

Lohagarh 1

Quick Facts

  • The best time to visit Bharatpur is between October and March. Summers and monsoons are best avoided. March to June sees the temperature varying from 37°C to 45°C. The monsoon month (July to September) is comparatively cooler at 27°C, but humidity makes sightseeing quite a task.
  • Bharatpur is 200kms from Delhi, 270kms from Jaipur and 70kms from Agra.
  • Bharatpur has a large number of hotels and guest houses – government and private, forest rest houses, budget motels and dak bunglows. (Check this). The mode of travel within the city is, more often than not, auto-rickshaws. You can even consider booking a jeep.