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The Love Cartridge: The Deceitful Bullet – Chapter 5

By Joybrato Dutta

the love catridgeDay – Thursday, June 12, 2008

Time – 10:15 PM

Harsh was on his way to Ram Mandir. Enthused spirit. Alacrity in the heart. . Although it was a rainy day but the adrenaline rush glued Harsh’s feet to the accelerator, while his palm answered Vikrant’s call.

“Haan Vik wassup man”

“Wassup ke bachhe kahan pahuncha hai”

“Bas aur 10 minute mein pahunch jaunga

“Sahi hai Riya ko pick karne ke baad call karna”

“Pukka karta hun”

“Chal best of luck. Happy journey”

Harsh disconnected the call

Thud!!!!!!! Screeeeech!!!!!!

Harsh’s vehicle hit something. He manoeuvres the steering as fast as he could and stops the car just before it could crash against a tree. He steps out of his car. To his misfortune he finds a little girl lying on the street. He runs towards her. She was unconscious and covered in blood. Panic struck. He lifted the girl and put her in the car. Amidst this chaos Harsh drops his phone on the road without realising.

He takes the little girl to the hospital, where she is taken to the emergency ward. Harsh looks at his watch which was wrapped around his blood stained wrists. It was 11:30 PM. He looks for his phone, but is unable to find it. His clothes were soaked in the little girl’s blood. He runs out of the hospital, gets into the car and drives as fast as he could. He reaches Ram Mandir. He notices Riya’s car. He searches the car all over. He does not find her. “Riya’s father must have taken her back”, he thinks to himself.

He sits in his car and drives away. He returns to the hospital. The doctor tells him that the little girl is ok. But her family needs to be contacted. By the look of the clothes she looked like a street urchin. Harsh took her responsibility.

He goes to the hospital’s reception and calls Riya. Her phone was not reachable. He calls Neha. She didn’t answer. Harsh had Riya’s landline number, but he didn’t have the guts to call. He called Vikrant and explained everything.

Vikrant rushed to the hospital. He paid the bills and took Harsh with him.

Harsh cried all night. He had no idea what had happened to Riya. He could not contact Riya or Neha. Unanswered questions didn’t let him rest.

Next morning Harsh finally had the guts to call Riya on her landline. A rugged voice answered.

“Uncle Riya hai?” harsh asks politely

“Tu wahi launda hai na, madarjaat tu kata, teri wajah se Riya gayi, abb tu bhi katega, tu nahi bachega, saaley neechi jaati ke madarchod.

Riya gayi matlab? A cold shiver passed through Harsh’s veins as he asked this question?

“Abbey uske baap ne usey katwa kar uske tukde wahin Ram Mandir ke agey jheel mein phenk diye. Abb tu bhi jaageya madarjaat

Harsh hung up. He could not believe his ears. Riya was dead. She was murdered. Brutally. His love killed her. He cried out loud, but no voice was heard. His shrieking shout scared Vikrant who came running to him. Harsh collapsed.


The Love Cartridge: The Mistimed Bullet – Chapter 4

By Joybrato Dutta

the love catridge

Day – Thursday, June 12, 2008
Time – 10:30 PM

Neha drives the car through water-clogged streets as Riya checks her bag. “Didi kya dhund rahi ho?”

“Bas check kar rahi hun, make-up ka saara saaman liya ki nahin” she chuckles as she says.

Rain starts pouring heavily as they get closer to their destination. Riya is constantly glued to her phone and her face gets tensed.

“Kya hua didi, pareshan kyun ho rahi ho” Neha inquires

“Harsh apna phone nahin utha raha hai” Riya answers in a tensed way

“Uffo Didi woh drive kar raha hoga, usey bhi utni hi jaldi hai jitni ki humey”

She drives through a forsaken lane and parks the car behind the temple. As soon as Neha gets off the car something hits her head and she falls unconscious on the ground.

After sometime Neha regains consciousness. She finds herself in the car. She hurries out of the car and tries to find Riya. Tries Riya’s number. But phone was switched off. She looks at the watch; it was 11:15 PM. She cries out loud. But all she heard was her echo. She runs all around the temple. She looks for Riya everywhere possible. Her worst nightmare came true. And she had no idea who to call. She tried calling Harsh, but he didn’t answer his call. She didn’t have Vikrant’s number. She cries helplessly.

Suddenly she notices Riya’s bag at a distance. She runs towards it, but only finds Riya’s burnt clothes. She carefully looks on the ground and notices blood. Horror strikes her.

Fear and sadness crept into her. She runs towards her car. Suddenly she sees Harsh. She notices his blood stained hands, and hides behind a bush. Harsh’s shirt was drenched in blood. He was searching the car frantically. Neha’s eyes were glued to Harsh’s blood stained hands. Assumptions turned into convictions

“It was him. He killed Riya? But why?” she thought to herself.

Vengeance swept away the fear in her. She could not believe her eyes. She came out of her hiding as soon as Harsh left. She sat in her car and drove away as fast as she could. A solemn oath strengthened her: “You will pay for this Harsh”

The Love Cartridge: The Last Bullet – Chapter 1

By Joybrato Dutta

the love catridgeDay – Friday, June 13, 2008
Time – 9:30 PM

Shopkeepers close down the shutters as Harsh drives a black Alto through the narrow cramped lanes of Birsanagar. Not the best lanes for people who love driving. Harsh steers his car in a narrower lane and parks it there. He walks down the narrow lane and climbs up a flight of stairs. As he unlocks his door he senses the presence of another soul. His intense eyes frantically looks everywhere. Unable to spot a shadow, he enters the room..

He picks a bottle of Old Monk and drops in a few tablets in it. Pulls a chair. Turns on his laptop. Composes a mail.

To: neha_luvsu@yahoo.com
Subject: Where are you? 😦 😦

Hey, m sorry


A bullet pierces Harsh’s skull. His corpse lies flat on the floor. Blood spilled on the laptop and on a photo frame that enshrined Harsh’s and Riya’s most special moment.

Neha removes her black hood and comes closer to Harsh’s dead body. She looks at the photo frame and empties the cartridge on Harsh. She sets his apartment on fire and leaves.

किसान-एक संवेदनशील जीवन


Abhinav Singh writes on why the farmer, who completes our lives, struggles to keep up his own.

ये कैसा जीवन,
जुबां पे सिर्फ आह है।
क्या करें पता नहीं,
क्युं नहीं मिलती कोई राह है।
बंज़र भूमि, बंज़र जीवन,
ज़िन्दगी भी तबाह है।
ये कैसा जीवन,
जुबां पे सिर्फ आह है।
क्या करें पता नहीं,
क्युं नहीं मिलती कोई राह है।
कैसे हो बच्चों की शिक्षा पुरी,
कैसे पुरी हो परिवार की अभिलाषा अधुरी।
खुद मुक्त भी नहीं होती यह जीवन,
मुक्त हो जाए तो होती हमारी चाह है।
ये कैसा जीवन,
जुबां पे सिर्फ आह है।
क्या करें पता नहीं,
क्युं नहीं मिलती कोई राह है।
कोई नेता कहीं अपनी मुर्ति बनवाए,
कोई खेलों से करोड़ों कमाए।
अश्क भी कोई समझ ले,
क्युं नहीं किसी को हमारी परवाह है।
ये कैसा जीवन,
जुबां पे सिर्फ आह है।
क्या करें पता नहीं,
क्युं नहीं मिलती कोई राह है।

इस चिंगारी को एक बार सुलग जाने दो . .


By Atul Singh

जो बंद रही,
इतने दिनों तक,
अंधकार की कोठरियों मे ।
उस तिल तिल जलती ज्योति को,
इस बार उजियारी फैला जाने दो ॥
जो रूह,
उनकी हैवानीयत सह,
आज तक कराहती रही ।
उस रूह को तन से जुदा कर के,
हैवानो से भिड़ जाने दो ॥
वो चिंगारी,
जो नस नस में,
गर्म लहू बन बहती रही,
उस गर्म लहू को आज हिया से
लावा बनके फूट जाने दो ॥
जो जीवन,
अब तक शून्य रहा,
सांसो की अवलम तारों से ।
उन उखड़ी सांसो की तारों को,
अंतर्मन से जुड़ जाने दो ॥
कर उद्विग्न,
ले दीपक को कर मे,
जग मे उजीयारी फैला जाने दो ।
खत्म करे जो तम का अंधेरा,
उस चिंगारी को ,
एक बार, सुलग जाने दो ॥

जलता जीवन, जलते तुम हम

Burning Woods burning life
By Atul Singh
जलता ज़ीवन जलते तुम हम,
ख़त्म हो गई राहें सब ।
आगे है घनघोर अँधेरा
दुःख की बदली छाई है ।
साथ मिलाकर छोड़ गए सब,
क्यूँ तू संग मेरे आई है ॥
क्यूँ करू तुझसे प्रणय निवेदन,
क्या तू जीवन सार मिला ।
किया तिरस्कार तूने है अब तक,
क्यूँ अब तेरा प्यार जगा ॥
तू ठहरी अलका का वैभव,
पर अवनी का मैं भी पुजारी हूँ ।
प्रेम सिखा कर चली गई जो,
उसका मैं आभारी हूँ ॥
प्रेम है क्या ये तू क्या जाने ,
मीरा की वो मूरत होती ।
जिससे मैंने किया प्रेम था,
प्रेम की सूरत वैसी होती ॥.
क्यूँ डाले बाहों के घेरे ,
करती मुझको आलिंगन ।
मैं तो हूँ एक ठहरा पानी,
क्यूँ तू खोजे उसमे जीवन ॥
उसमे ज़ीवन नही मिलेगा,
फूल प्रेम का नही खिलेगा ।
जलता जीवन मेरा अब तक,
जो प्रेम करेगा वो भी जलेगा ॥
” जो प्रेम करेगा वो भी जलेगा “