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Exploring Goa – XXIV – The Palolem Beach Journey Continues

By Kartik Kannan

image011As you set out to walk further, The morning rays are just making its inroads into the sands, and the filtered light through the trees is just slowly neutralizing the morning haze and chill.

image012And if you thought you could head straight into the sea for a morning dunk, you’d have to brave a little chill in the Arabian Sea!

image013And you’d also realize that while the Sun is out, the Bikinis are yet to come on!

image014It takes a little more than a couple of hours of the sun, to inject life into Palolem, to get the Lifeguards at their position!


By Joybrato Dutta


As kids we always faced that one question which was asked by relatives, neighbours, dad’s friends, mom’s friends, teachers, even fellow kids. “What do you want to become when you grow up”. None of my classmates said they wanted to become an engineer. Today 80% of my classmates are engineers.

So what went wrong? What changed?

Why did people stop believing in their dreams? As we grew up, why did we start compromising on everything we wanted as a child? Is that what people call maturity? How different is maturity from pretence?

Since childhood we have been trained to lie, to act pretentious. Virtues like etiquettes and formalities were forced on us which sealed our true feelings inside.

We have been trained to smile and say “I am fine” each time anyone asks “How are you”.

We have been trained to say “cheese” each time someone clicks us.

We have been trained to say “thank you” whenever someone gifts us something.

Today these things might look small because the blanket of etiquette is quite huge. But think carefully, wasn’t that the start of us accepting pretention. Didn’t we love being appreciated? Didn’t it increase our hunger to be loved even more?

Today I have decided to denounce pretention.

Today I have decided to figure out who I really am, and what I always wanted to become.

I know I love singing. But I love being appreciated for it.

I know I love dancing. But I love it even more when someone else praises me.

I know I love playing cricket. But I enjoy the importance I get after I hit a good knock.

So what is it that I really want to do? Something which will give me so much satisfaction that I won’t care what others think.

A psychiatrist friend offered her help. She said she can give me a tour of my own subconscious. “Our subconscious”, she said “is like a hard disk which stores some really important data. People, moments, stories that we don’t even remember exists”. I warmed up to the idea and gave in to hypnosis.

My journey to the depth of my own heart began.

Go deep she said

I saw myself dancing at a club with a beautiful lady in my arms. She was impressed. I could tell from her eyes. The way I moved her, manoeuvred her arms, guided her feet, she was in awe. Nothing boosts a man’s ego than a girl stupefied. That day I knew I wanted to dance all my life.

Go deep she said

I saw myself playing in the finals of the Inter College Tournament. It was the last over. I had to hit a boundary. The next ball I did. My college won the finals and I won every heart. I had never heard so many people chant my name. For a day I was a celebrity. I knew I wanted to play cricket all my life.

Go deep she said.

I saw myself winning the Annual Elocution Contest. I was in class six, and I had already defeated a few tenth standard students. My teachers were proud. My principal praised me in front of the entire school. I heard my dad scream and say “That’s my boy”. I had never seed my dad so happy. He was as happy as I was when I got my first GI Joe set. I wanted to keep him that happy all my life.

Go deep she said.

I saw my grandmother telling me a story. The way she narrated me the characters. The way she set apart the good guys from the bad, wow, I was amazed. How can these characters who I don’t even know, find such an important place in my heart? The protagonist who wasn’t even real, who never faced the hardships we mortals face, how can he solve every problem of mine? How does he know what I am thinking? They my granny said that it’s the power of a pen. An author’s weapon, his pride. A storyteller can pierce the hearts of his readers without even meeting them. A storyteller can ignite desires and tame passions. A storyteller can reveal your darkest secrets. A storyteller can create magic. A storyteller is what I wanted to become. At that moment I was sure I wanted to write stories all my life.

Go deep she said.

I opened my eyes. I couldn’t have delved further. I had hit my core. How could I have forgotten? Now I know why I still enjoy stories. Why each time when I write even a small story, it gives me the satisfaction no award can. Somewhere in this 28 year old that 5 year old kid still lives. And somehow time hadn’t changed what I really loved. I love stories. And I can write them for the rest of my life.

While I was walking home from my friend’s place I realised that the curse of shallowness can go really deep. However, if we choose to go deep, more things will surface.


By Malathy Madathilezham


Are you creative and how? Explain about your creativity? Blah, blah, blah creative skills/creativity? I am stumped by these questions!

Rendered speechless!

I am still looking for a perfect answer that would satisfy both me and the person asking that question…

Do I talk about of my flair for writing/sketching?


Do I talk about my interest in analysing situations/problem (of and for others :P) and coming out with ‘creative’ solutions!


Do I talk about the stupid/intelligent but creative one liners I sometimes pop while conversing/chatting with friends!!

Then again I find these kinds of questions absurd.

First of all, I believe that all of us are creative though not in the most obvious ways. But isn’t it true that all of us dream and other than the artists, musicians, authors there are some of us who can ‘spin’ great stories, cook innovative dishes, dress up in different styles and looks, make houses look like homes in different designs and create different kinds of ambiance and so many other way that we all use our creativity.And not all of these make for convincing answers!! 🙂

There is so much to talk about and share and personally I am not able to sum it up in few sentences which would also spark an interest in the listener… so whenever I am asked that question… I go blank and say something (which am sure is neither impressive nor interesting!) just to go to the next question…

Which may be equally confounded like – Where do you see yourselves five/ten years from now!! 😀 I do not really want to get into the nuances of answering that question right now… I think that would make for another good write up later on! So any suggestions on answering the creativity question is welcome!!

The Dark Enlightenment – I

By Joybrato Dutta

1111 nail salon 296

Chapter 3 – The Evil Princess

He just had a towel wrapped around his waist. The misty images got cleared and she recognised the man. It was him. He had the perfect torso. The glow of his skin could have brightened the eyes of the Greek Gods. His eyes could have mesmerised Medusa. And even in that horrifying moment, a hint of pleasure encapsulated her timorous heart.

He took off his towel, and for the first time she felt that a part of her had always compromised. In the realm of ethics, romance and rules, a part of her always remained dormant. A part too bold, yet overpowered by inhibitions.

As a little girl she dreamt of a knight in a shining armour. A knight who will bestow on her, the worldly pleasures. Who will protect her from all the evils. But what about the evil within her. What about the evil who does not dream. What about the evil, who needed more than something permanent. Something temporary. ‘Permanent’ will always be an unfulfilled promise, but ‘temporary’ can give you instant gratification.

He climbed the bed, and slowly he undressed her. His touch made her forget her fears, his kiss gave her a high, vodka and marijuana failed to grant.

And then, she experienced the most painful pleasure. A felony so heavenly, that it made her accept the sinner within. She was ready to evade heaven in exchange of this heavenly act. She had never experienced a pain so deep. Her sigh never screamed so loud. Her body never felt as satisfied. The princess in her never felt like a queen. This was the moment, where, her desires met reality. She wanted to prolong this. She could forfeit everything she possessed, she could forgo every other dream, and she could sacrifice her future, just to live this moment, all her life.

And like every other dream, this too got over. She came back to a reality, where right and wrong were not decided by the Gods. But by us, mortals.

His eyes spoke volumes about contentment. He opened a drawer and handed over the tapes. She took the tapes willingly. Not because she wanted to undo the past, but to relive it.

As she was about to exit the room, the guy stopped her and asked “How can you be too sure that I don’t have another copy of it? How do you know I won’t blackmail you again?” She stops by the door, looks him in the eye and says “I don’t. But let me tell you what I know. There is a knife beneath your pillow. I had got it here to kill you.” She smiles at him and exits the room.

She walks up to the elevator and presses the button ‘G’. She looked at herself in the mirrors inside the elevator. This time she stares at the reflection, like she’s staring at a stranger. She smiles and then exits the elevator.

Exploring Goa – XVI – Kerim

By Kartik Kannan

-4Kerim opens out to a wonderful vista, that leaves you spell bound!

-3Try getting into the sea to visualize the view the sea has of the land, and you’l realize what a charmed life the Arabian sea has!

-9Try to find your spot in the sun/shade, in getting a shack for resting. The whole agenda at Kerim is best suited for Sussegadoing! Sleep, Eat, Walk in the sand in an infinite loop.

-8Nothing better than welcoming a sun rise or sunset from your beach bed!

-7If you’ve rested enough, climb up the mountain again to jump off it from with your paragliding equipment. It feels sublime to float over the Arabian sea!

Life And Times Of Amrita Shergill – Part I

amrita shergill


By Ankush Kumar

Ankush Kumar dwells deep into the life and times of Amrita Shergill, the most expensive woman painter of India

Dr. Peter was declared an enemy national. He couldn’t make it to her funeral. She was there lying peacefully, waiting to transcend into another world. Perhaps this was the only time she was at peace with herself.

Her face showed no remorse, she had lived life to the fullest, done things that women of the 21st century too would feel is a little unimaginable. The colors and hues at the painting exhibition gave a fresh lease of life to an otherwise dull art gallery in the bylanes of Lahore.

The paintings spoke an universal language of different emotions a human body goes through. The eyes could make a stone walled man choke, heartbreaks did happen at the funeral as Amrita Shergill the renowned painter was laid to rest, even as her first solo painting exhibition was a grand success.

Alas! she had already started putting colors to another world.




Origins of Visual Arts

Sampurna Majumder delves into the evolution of visual arts.


As kids we indulge in various activities – playing, painting and much more. As adults some of us nurture serious hobbies like photography, travelling or drawing/painting.

Coming to painting. We all know about the Mona Lisa – da Vinci’s famous painting. Let’s delve into the evolution of the same?

Art forms that create work which are primarily visual in nature is referred to as visual arts. Examples in this category include drawing, painting, sculpture, designing, crafts, photography, architecture and even filmmaking. Though spanning such a broad spectrum, the term artist was earlier restricted to a person working in the arena of fine arts until the Arts and Crafts movement (1860 – 1910) took place in Britain. The artists of the movement valued vernacular art forms and also emphasized on painting.

Origins of Drawing and Painting

How do we differentiate the two? Well, drawing refers to making an image using tools and techniques, and also extensive use of dry media such as pen, ink, crayons, colour pencils, charcoals and pastels.

Painting on the other hand is the practice of applying pigment to a support such as canvas or paper. However, artistically put, it is a medley of drawing, colour composition and of course aesthetic considerations.

The history of drawing can be traced back to the Paleolithic Age. Cave paintings are known to exist in ancient France, Spain and also some parts of India. Ink drawing on papyrus depicting human figurines are found in ancient Egypt. By the 15th century when paper became prevalent in Europe, drawing was adopted by masters such as Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli.

Like drawing, the history of painting can be traced back to some 30000 years. Lascaux and Chavet caves in southern France bear evidence to the paintings of bison, cattle, deer and horses.

However, painting and visual arts reached its high period during Renaissance. From Giotto in the 13th century to Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci during the 16th century, visual arts and painting opened a completely new window to the world.