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Confessions of a Commitment Shirker

By Ankit Chandra


This is my dedication to all those ppl who can never get to committing to sumone and then later crib about it 😀 enjoy!!

I think I have never done the romantic thing
A dozen roses and a diamond ring
many times I have been peeled and pricked
but I really couldn’t feel a thing…

So is that a hormonal imbalance or a psychological one?
that I just cannot settle with anyone?

from ‘Boys 2 Men’ to ‘Alanis Morisette’
Their lyrics never really conveyed any sense
Although there were those who ‘waited and waited’ for me to ask them out,
but got no returns for their perseverance..

heh.. so what on earth is wrong with me?
for she ain’t good enuf, whoever she be?
well on second thoughts that isn’t quite true.
coz I usually repent when the moment passes through

I guess I vindicate what my teacher once said,
‘Oh my child u have an empty head’…. 😛

And this is what our fellow commitment shirkers added:

“There was once a time when it was commitment i was afraid of
But now it seems it was actually me the pretty ladies were scared of”