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Why is Delhi the Rape Capital of the Country?

Mili Sharma ponders over what makes Delhi the capital of this heinous crime.

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We’ve been hearing/reading/watching a lot about the rape incidents off late. I’ve been trying to figure out two things – 1) why does Delhi/NCR ranks no.1 in rape incidents as compared to southern India 2) who are these rapists.  After following the news through different media and talking to the people around me, I got an answer to this. Most of these rapists belong to either small town or other rural areas. I hardly see any Delhi-ites involved in this crime.

These places have lesser job opportunities as compared to Delhi/NCR. The education system is not very good as the standard of living is low due to less income opportunities. That’s why people from these places have been migrating to bigger cities in search of jobs. The people from smaller cities are usually very conservative when it comes to women. They prefer their women stay indoors, keep themselves covered in meters of cloth and stay away from other men around. They keep their women in the same way as a goldsmith keeps his gold (in lockers) so that no one sees it and tries to steal it. This is supposed to be a part of their ‘culture’.

When people from such places come to cities like Delhi, they see women outside their homes (which to them is beyond the acceptable boundary), working independently, wearing a variety of clothes, decking up and interacting with both the sexes. Their cultural shock in realizing that they are misfits is hidden under the garb of modernity, which in turn, is depicted by ‘getting’ a girl. Such men try to approach women even if they do not show any interest in such men. When they do not get any response, they try to force themselves on the women by sending unwanted messages, hooting at them, passing lewd remarks etc. When these acts remain ignored for long, these men feel encouraged and the resultant action is a kind of aggression which is unthinkable and unjustified.

In my opinion, such people should not be allowed into Delhi (that is, if the police is incapable of taking any other action). There is no harm in throwing these people out of Delhi. It is very similar to a teacher asking a student to leave the class if he’s creating nuisance or a father asking his rowdy son to leave the family as he is no more in the control of his family or even within self-control. Look at the changed the picture of Mumbai. This has made Mumbai a safer place for women. I have female friends living there who are not scared of going out alone during late hours. Needless to say, in Delhi I can’t image of going alone somewhere after sunset. Even a 5 year old is not safe here anymore. We all have witnessed this recently and that too, so soon after Damini’s case.

At times I wonder will there ever be a time when a girl would live her life without fearing for her safety and feel proud of being a woman instead of being scared.