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4 Reasons Your Brand Should Be On Google+



In 2011 when Google first launched Google+, a lot of brands offloaded their content and themselves on it. Only to find that the level of interaction was nowhere close to other social networks especially Facebook. Some went immediately off it, saying, that there is enough traction for them on FB so they would not WASTE bandwidth here. A few brands though made very innovative and useful usage of google+ and that made others stand up and notice as to what all can happen on this another innovative platform from the stable of Google. Here are four reasons your brand will only lose if it’s not on G+

1. The omnipresence of google is well known. From search to mail to maps to earth to docs to chat, you name it and they have it in their stable. So basically, google+ is nothing but a tremendous social extension of all those listed above. To add to this m sure, all of us have sometime or other used some of the product of google, thereby making us more closer to G+. Plus if you thought google+ is ghost town like many like to believe, here is some data for thought. There are 500 million people currently on G+ and approximately 343 million are pretty active. The social network has already been named the second largest active network in the world, bigger than twitter and youtube. Decide for yourself the value after seeing the numbers.


2. Better Discoverability: That little +1 button that you see on google+ will soon be as omnipresent as google is. You will find it in display campaigns, ads, on your site and on search results too. Google tracks these +1’s and measures who all are recommending and interacting with your brand. Before you even realize, all the +1’s around your brand will be connected directly to your G+ page. What these numbers and +1’s will indicate is what will help google put your company in places that actually matter. Thus brand engagement extension. Don’t miss out.


3. More Extensive Engagement: Communities are the next big thing in online and social and Google+ definitely is playing big on it. It is places like these where real people come out and have conversations around what they want, what they desire, what they liked from what they bought and what is their next most important need. They discuss interests which directly impacts their buying behavior, thereby exciting brands. Brands thus could create communities, be part of some, and discuss, listen and monitor conversations for their benefits.


4. Let’s Hangout: What better than brands having customer conversations from their social profiles. Google+ makes this possible and there are examples which show how brands have actually made live launches, done live samplings, live testings of products very successfully. There is nothing like making the consumer a part of the brand building process and hangouts are perfectly designed to suit that purpose. Brands have also done giveaways which has excited consumers and have made them come back again to the social to see action and hope future giveaways.

These are just four of Google+ great functions that could help your brand engage more with your consumers. Go in and check out other such exciting features as the product continues to evolve like all other Google products. 




Blackberry Q10: A Phone For The Old-Schoolers


The keyboard Blackberry is back and Q10, RIM’s latest entrant with its new OS looks like a good phone. The Q10 meshes up Blackberry’s brand new OS alongside features of Z10 and is the perfect solution for die-hard fans of Blackberry. Whether there is a need for a phone like this is something only time can tell. 

Looks: The front is modern and classy but the back hampers the feel. The company says that the back is made out of weaved glass, giving it a carbon fiber look and comparable durability. Not bad a material to use but what it does to the experience is what makes it unworthy.

Hardware: Though different in looks, Q10 copies its predecessor Z10 as far as processor, storage and camera is concerned. The 1.5GHz dualcore Snapdragon S4 processor paired with 2GB RAM and 16GB of storage is ditto that of Z10. The phone also is aided by Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi and NFC. It also studs a microHDMI port. Screen Size though is where it differentiates from Z10. While Z10 sports a 4.2-inch 1280*768 display, this one has a smaller 3.1-inch display with a 720 x 720 resolution.

Camera: The BlackBerry Q10 flashes similar camera as that of Z10. The rear facing is 8MP with single LED flash and front facing lens is 2MP. An awesome feature which the camera of Q10 boasts is the HDR mode. HDR can enhance photos – especially the ones taken in variable lighting or large areas of shadow.

q10 battery

Battery Life: The Q10 stocks a 2,100 mAH pack which looks like enough especially because of the small screen size. The company quotes 13.5 hours of 3g talk time or up to 14.8 hours of 3G standby and upto 60hrs of music playback. Overall the battery life looks like quite impressive.


Querty Keyboard: Finally Blackberry gets back to what it does best and delivers an awesome type pad again. It’s a winner on the phone. One hand is more than enough and the fear of typing gibberish on touch phones is non-existent. Use two-hands and the experience turns even better, making you remember the Bold days, and taking the accuracy to an even higher level.

Verdict: The phone is good but the bigger question is whether there is a need for a phone like this in the very infatuated touch phone market. What works in its favor though is that there is very little choice when it comes to having a phone with a touch and a physical keyboard. Overall looks like this one is for the old schoolers and the modern ones would still prefer their android or iOS devices and if one is a blackberry fanatic, would go for the Z10. 


6 Reasons why Google Glasses are Awesome

Brin Google Glass Cover

I know this one is a little late on Google Glasses and you have already read, heard and seen a lot of commentary of that. I was also waiting because I wanted to know the reasons people are bloating against it. Are the reasons good enough is the big question? To be they look like rants from the ones who have always feared change. They are the same who said “who uses the phone for the internet” when the first smartphone came and were the ones who said who is going to be on G+ when there is Facebook around. 

Leaving them aside for a while, here are six reasons why Google Glasses are an awesome invention.

1. Have you ever imagined search on the go. Yep, this is one awesome thing that you get with Google Glasses, now isn’t that awesome in itself. You are travelling, you ask something and you get it. Tremendous, do I need to say more. If you have still not got it, check out some James Bond flicks and figure out what am saying when I say search on the move.

2. For the Facebookers and Twitteratis who cannot do away with their instant see and upload life, Google Glass is the machine. You say a word and the Glasses will take a picture, record a video and believe me there is nothing like doing all this without touching the hardware. The media gets stored in the 4GB flash memory and can be instantly shared on your social networks and via email.

3. So you are driving and get an important mail from Boss saying “urgent, reply now”. You being a smart savvy employee do not want to be late and want to reply now. But you know how difficult it could be while driving on Delhi roads. Now imagine a machine which allows you do this via voice commands. Got my point, isn’t the Glass awesome.

4. So basically you live away from your parents and both parties miss out on crucial experiences that you should have been part of. With Google Glass you can share the feed of any experience that you are having with your loved ones in real-time. So the next time you are watching your kid do a skit and his granny also wants to watch it sitting a 1000kms away, you know what device to switch on.

5. With Google things only turn simpler. The company has added Google Now to the device which means your daily habits can be tracked and kept a tab on. It will keep a tab on what routes you take daily and will keep you informed if those routes are under traffic issues or are clear.

6. You travel abroad a lot and to different countries and also feel alienated because of your inability to understand foreign languages. With Google Glasses those problems are those of the past. If there is a sentence or a phrase you do not understand, ask the Glass and it translate it to the language you are comfortable with.

Overall, a great machine, so don’t let the critics dominate your way of thinking. Use it yourself and then decide. Always remember, Change is for Good. 

Google Glasses

Hollywood: You Have Sci-Fi! We Have Mythology! cover


Ankush Kumar writes on why we should understand the charisma of our own Super Heroes in Bollywood films when we so easily lap up nonsense in the form of sci-fi thrown by the West. A must read for all cinema critics.

Disclaimer: ‘The Rashomon effect’ is the effect of the subjectivity of perception on, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it.

Good Morning Folks! I have just come back from watching ‘Iron Man’ their third installment of the Comic strip produced by Marvel. Shane Black the director of the movie has been someone who has executed some great works in the past, but the one that is closest to me is ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, all his movies have one common element, they have all been buddy movies.

pix04 mahabharat

This write up though is not a review of the film. I have been watching a lot of these sci-fi movies ever since I have started watching cinema. We at India too have many film industries, but the one that is most talked about and often compared to with the west is ‘Bollywood’.

In the early nineties Indian television produced great epics in the form of Ramayana and The Mahabharata. The battles shown on screen were unheard of, it was almost unbelievable, that a man could have multiple heads, or an arrow could create fire to win battles. But they did and the audience was entertained. That is the bottom line my friends ‘entertaining the audience’. The writers at the helm linked it to mythology, knowing our nation’s pulse the audience lapped it up to. And they gave apt explanations behind every sequence; they convincingly linked it to mythology.

That has been a similar case with the West (Read Hollywood). The West has made imaginative movies based on the concept of future. They termed it as Science-fiction films, popularly known as Sci-Fi flicks. Not all of them have been great ones, some have been trendsetters some absolutely lame (Iron man 3).

The point is in the name of ‘cinematic liberty’ ( A term used often to justify stupidity) Hindi cinema has shown Our Hero hammer 100 people at one time, the West has shown an aircraft window being breached. (Hello! It’s a godddamit Air Force One Plane).

If Iron Man and its entire series ‘on the name of future’ can be realistic and wow, so can be our Dabbang movies and their action sequences.

In fact our HEROES are born avatars of LORD HANUMAN (something which Arbaaz Khan & Co can use in the third installment of the Dabbang franchisee), hence have extraordinary powers, we do not need logic; it’s there in our history and has been told for centuries through mythological literature.

If you the reader cannot buy this logic, nor can I that all these Sci-Fi movies make sense. And in fact if these Sci-fi movies makes absolute sense to you, then so does the Singhams and Dabbangs. The West needs superheroes generated through graphics and they can only hope that their dreams come true. We in fact live with baggage of having super heroes in our history.


Coming to this movie ‘Iron Man 3’, during the entire promotional time Ben Kingsley’s act was suppose to be the biggest evil act in cinematic history since Sajid Khan took to film making. Unfortunately he performs his level best in a half baked character and his role has no logical culmination.

The other aspect that has baffled me to the core is the kidnap of the American President! (Dude he is the most powerful man in the world), time and again they have shown him an easy prey for a lot of film makers. It is more like the ‘Phone cut’ in our industry. Phone cut simply means, when a writer is stuck and wants to take the scene forward he uses an escape route. They have the funds you see, we are still stuck with a phone!

Hence next time when you see another super hero flick do an honest critique, try looking beyond the obsession of their futuristic stars and do not trash our Dabbang and Singham heroes!


P.S: Last year when ‘Agent Vinod’ released everyone trashed it, see the movie again and see a James Bond movie, there is not much of a difference there. The critics cried ‘how can a spy romance in such an important mission? I say why not? If 007 can have sex, romancing is still less energy consumption.




Iron Man 3: Delightful Cinema at its Best

Iron Man 3-1

Summary: Iron Man 3 shows up why the west is so ahead of us in filmmaking. For those who have always felt the primary reason is money that they invest in technology, this one will shove the theory in their back. Frankly the comic (Iron Man 3) ain’t great but the way Director Shane Black has brought humour, action, and intelligence together and woven a screenplay that so entertains talks about filmmaking intelligence which we lack in the days of Himmatwala remake. Overall a great film with extraordinary acting by Ben Kingsley and hats off to Robert Downey Jr. He as Tony Stark continues to overshadow all super heroes till date.

Plot: Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) in the beginning does not resemble any bit of what we know him as. A party animal and one-night stander that we know him as appears a humble and broken figure after his exploits against Loki in The Avengers. Down with anxiety attacks and insomnia, he is fighting the ills inside as a bigger evil sets his sight on America. Mandarin (Ben Kingsley), a terrorist mastermind who looks like having been modelled on Osama Bin Laden sets out to destroy America. Stark gets beaten black and blue in the first fight with Mandarin’s henchmen but once he gets back his energies and finds his way out of anxieties, Tony Stark becomes too hot to handle for Mandarin.

Rating: 4/5

How can we speak of Iron Man and not speak of his lady love. Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts gets more importance in this one. Paltrow definitely knows when to call shots during her dialogue delivery and her control on her screen presence and dialogue delivery is phenomenal.

We feel that if we talk of the acting skills of Ben Kingsley, that itself would be a honour for us. It is he who actually puts in life inside the character of Mandarin and frankly Kingsley’s performance and his portrayal of Mandarin are the stealers of the film.

The only let down is the climax. The final fight scene does not live up to the expectations built thus far. Overall the 130 minutes is kick ass drama for any comic book buff who has been engaged by super hero thrillers. Downey Jr again plays his best and delivers one liners in an engaging manner that only he can. And yes, for fans who want more, this is not the end of the series, wait for more thrill coming soon.

mandarin iron man 3

4 Reasons Why Blackberry Beats iPhone Hands Down



Now before you bring out the knives to kill me, at least listen to my reasons for beating down your iPhone. If the two C’s Convenience and Comfort were all that you needed from a smart phone, don’t even look beyond the Blackberry

All of my friends want me to buy an iPhone. They think it will change my life. Really, a phone can change your life? I thought the only game changers were what you successfully do in office at home. Anyways, that is the last thing this topic demands so let’s get back to it. Not only friends, even people I meet for like 3 minutes, tell why should I change my Blackberry to Steve Job’s latest gadget and then I get a good dosage on latest additions to the gadget.

But I have always had my reasons for not changing my blackberry for any other smartphone. Here are four of them.

  1. A real keyboard: Even Eric Schmidt uses a Blackberry for this. Yeah, you heard it right. Eric Schmidt does not use an Android smartphone, even though he sits on the board for Android. And if you still don’t believe the efficiency of this, try getting in a race with me over typing with your iPhone. I bet that not only I will be twice as quicker but also twice as correct (because of the gibberish you will end up writing on that phone of yours).
  2. BBM: This was one of the reasons I picked this phone. I was always attracted by this feature since I first saw a Blackberry. It is this app which tells me when my messages are delivered and then read and is also free regardless of how much I send. Yes, I know you would debate of the watsapp available on the iPhone but the last I heard was that it was going to become a paid app soon.
  3. The Indicator Light: So you want to tell me that I take a phone which does not show me if I have an unread message. Not I then, find another customer. I am someone who does not keep peeping inside my phone every 5 minutes so unless an indicator shows me I have unread messages I will preferably not touch my phone for a while. My Blackberry has a red light which keeps blinking till I actually end up reading the message or the mail. For example I leave my phone for a while, my red light will then tell whether there’s something new without having to look for myself.
  4. Lack of Bluetooth: No really, I want a Bluetooth to share music, videos and a lot of other things with friends who have any other phone. Now who has it, my Blackberry does, where as an iPhone does not. Why, they think it will increase piracy of iTunes, nonsense; there are enough download sites available for free in the market, to just go and download.

The reasons above might sound simple yet make a phone efficient enough for me to hold on to it, at least till Research In Motion is still in existence (a friend recently predicted it’s end soon).