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तू खूबसूरत है बहोत


By Syed Bilal

तू खूबसूरत है बहोत

जानती है क्या !
संगेमरमरी मूरत है तू
पहचानती है क्या !
पलकों में तेरी सुबह की
आहट कुबुलाती है
नैन जब खुलते है तेरे
तो सुबहा  मुस्कुराती है ,
मेरी सुबहा और शाम है तू
जानती है क्या !
मेरी सुराही मेरा जाम है तू
पहचानती है क्या !
तू चाँद की करवट है
नदिया का पनघट है
दरिया की सरहद है
जानती है क्या !
रोते हुए चेहरे पे
हसी की दस्तक है
पहचानती है क्या !
आँखें है तेरी दो दीये
रोशन सा इनमे नूर है
मुड़कर जो देखे जिस तरफ
दीवाली छोड़ जाती है
जानती है क्या !
बाहें फैला जो खड़ी होती तू
बारिश तुझपे उतर आती है
पहचानती है क्या !
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10 Myths Women Have About Men


Robin Choudhary deciphers the myths women have about men and how they are wrong in their assumptions.  

1 We are insensitive

Not at all. Most men feel deeply and strongly about things they care about. Just try walking in front of the television as Sachin Tendulkar winds up for a cover drive.

2 We are obsessed with our gym-built bodies

Partly true. Lying in a gym with large plates on a rod is meant to impress the ladies. Unfortunately, they don’t do the same for the lower part of the body. Resulting in a generation of broad-chested men with broiler chicken legs.

3 We have a sense of fashion

Except that it needs to be handed down to us, which can be dangerous. Remember walking into office after Allen Solly’s Friday Dressing campaign had broken and being visually mauled by the hordes in solid blue shirts and khaki trousers?

4 We are obsessed with all things techno

A small percentage are. The rest carry them around as the male equivalent of the designer clutch bag.

5 We only love women with great bodies

No way. What really turns a man on about a woman is how she carries herself, how she holds her own and how individual she is. Top it with a dash of humour.


6 We are bad shopping companions

It’s just that the process is something we don’t understand. Try marrying an opening batsman and then watch him pick one solitary piece of English willow in a bat shop, after half an hour of shadow driving, cutting and pulling.

7 Metrosexual men are so nice

Yes, and it stops at that. Sensitivity is all about being there in your own way when she needs you, and letting her fly when she wants to.

8 We are untidy

Most men, apart from a few who have a fetish for body odour and unwashed socks, are quite neat. It’s just that their idea of neatness does not conform to a woman’s.

9 We are more transparent than the men of ’70s and ’80s

That’s a wide down the leg-side. Boys will be boys. And if that means lying through your teeth that you are in a brainstorm and watching a Formula One race, so be it.

10 We are notoriously bad movie-goers

I see many couples, who hold hands going into the theatre, and come out blinking, still holding hands.


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Winner All The Way

full cast jd

Ankush Kumar wrote this review while being driven back after watching this movie late last night. Such was the influence that an absence of a laptop also did not hinder his enthusiasm. Here’s presenting Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani review from our film reviewer in the same format he reproduced it last night. 



JD 2


JD 3


JD 4


Rating: 4 out of 5



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Pursuit of Love

Oscar Wilde had said that loving yourself is the beginning is a lifelong romance. Malathy Madathilezham explains the same in her own words.

oscar-wildeLove, she was in a quest for,
The meaning, the feeling and the realization
She was seeking
Giving love and expecting the same
From all in the way
Betrayed time and again she felt lost
But hope in her heart she nurtured
And selflessly spread love
To all in her path

Used, abused and abandoned,
But bright and high,
The spirit of life and joy
She held
the-soulKnowing nothing of the future
Caring nothing of the past
She went on
Passionate and sincere
Towards the Love
She desired and craved

Eternal love awaited her
Arms spread out
To welcome her
Bliss and immortality
Destiny carved by actions
Not fate
She surrendered herself to
The Eternal Lover
The Soul

Elizabeth Bennett…uhm…Darcy!

This is Sampurna Majumder’s homage to the attractive and vivacious Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, which completed 200 years in 2013.

jennifer-ehleIf Elizabeth Bennett would have been alive today, what would she be doing? At twenty and one, searching for a husband and marriage would probably had been the last thing in her mind. Then what? Studying in college for a degree and later focusing on a career?

Well, 200 years later, Elizabeth Bennett remains one of the much-loved fictional heroines ever produced. Her wild ways, sharp wit and frank disposition makes her as alluring as ever. Elizabeth is probably the heroine we all want be secretly. Despite residing in a rigid society that is steeped in moral codes she rejects all corsets of conventions by out rightly refuting the likes of Mr. Collins and Lady Catherine de Bourgh. She firmly believed that women have every right to marry out of love and their own will.

However, she is not without her follies. She is easily clouded by Darcy’s remarks and mistakes his reserved nature as arrogance. This leads not only her rejecting his proposal but also considering him responsible for creating differences between her sister Jane and her fiancé Mr. Bingley.

The outspoken and straightforward Mr. Wickham impresses her and she is carried away by him so much so that she even goes on to the extent of falling in love with him. Though warned by her best friend Charlotte and Caroline Bingley, she does pay much heed only to be disheartened at Mr. Darcy’s revelation of Wickham’s true character.

miss-bennetBut she is intelligent enough to realise her follies but does not give up on her prejudiced mind easily. It takes Darcy a second time to approach with his proposal.

She is not cowed by Mr. Darcy’s social and economic superiority, but challenges him. Even when she is called an ‘obstinate headstrong girl’ by Lady Catherine, she is not scared to retort. She stands her ground saying that Mr. Darcy is a gentleman and she is a gentleman’s daughter.

There’s a real sense of new order coming in, that of Elizabeth’s vitality and her ability to stand up for herself and her family. In this case, consider the case of Kate Middleton marrying Prince William. The fairy tale love affair does remind us of Elizabeth and Darcy and also that whatever ‘class’ we are born into, as human beings we are equal.

Whatever it may be, Elizabeth Bennett will continue to be our beloved fictional heroine of all times.

The SLAP – A Short Story


By Ganesh Subramanian

It was a wet evening. It always has been so at this time of the year. Puddles of water everywhere showed the intensity with which the monsoon had unleashed itself. Now after a brief respite, the dark clouds above seemed ready for another torrential downpour. Arjun was on his evening stroll in the nearby park. Birds were chirping and the setting sun was playing hide and seek with the dark clouds. The mud, the wet mud produced the pleasant smell that Arjun always loved. However, today nothing seemed to ease the anxiety that he was going through.

His mind kept playing the telephonic conversation that he had with Natasha an hour back. All she said was “See you at the park today at 6. I am afraid that I don’t have the best of the news to tell you. Be prepared”. What was she going to tell? Did I hurt her someway? Did her interview flop bigtime? Thousands of questions were running through his mind at the rate second only to the speed of light. Arjun tried to calm his mind down. But the thought refused to go away. Frustrated at being unable to control his own thought center, Arjun sighed and looked at his watch. It was 5.50 pm. Natasha should be here in another 10 mins.

Arjun looked at the curly haired boy playing with his sister at some distance. He smiled to himself. It reminded him of his childhood days. He reminisced how he used to always tease her sister and make her cry. “Hey Arjun, been waiting for a long time?” The unmistakable female voice, the voice that he has been hearing for the better part of the last two years, shook him up from his reverie. He turned back. It was Natasha, as beautiful as ever. Her well toned figure evolved from regular workouts at the gym only accentuated her beauty. The black dress she wore today seemed to perfectly gel with the dark clouds above. “Hi Natasha, I came here half an hour back. So what was it that you wanted to talk about?” replied Arjun in his typical no-nonsense style.

Natasha sighed and took a deep breath unsure of how to say what she wanted to say. Summoning up the courage, she finally said, “I think this will not work out, Arjun. I tried convincing dad and mom. They are not willing to go ahead with our relationship. I also need to think about my future. Dilip is handsome, rich and well-mannered. I have decided to settle down in life with him. My parents also like him. So I am sorry, Arjun. It’s over”.

Arjun’s jaw dropped. He couldn’t believe what he just heard. Almost on the verge of breaking down, Arjun stammered for words. He prayed that he didn’t hear it. “Wh..What do you mean, Natasha? What about the two years that we spent together in love and lived for each other? What about…”. “Look here, Arjun” Natasha interrupted him “I am sick and tired of convincing dad and mom and arguing your case. Your current state doesn’t impress anyone. I have often tried to tell you to not go behind your stupid dream of film making and take up some job at a lower pay. But you never listened to me. I can’t wait any longer for you to come around.

Arjun now lost his composure. “How dare you think that my dream is stupid? All along I believed that you, more than anyone else, will understand my struggle and will be my companion in this difficult journey of mine. How wrong was I! So now it is all about money, comfort and luxury is it? You vile woman!

Natasha retorted sharply “Look at yourself Arjun. You are a loser. No woman in her sane sense would want to live with you. With you and your wild goose chase of your dream, I will remain consigned to poverty for eternity. Thank God that I took the right decision. Living with you would have never made me happy. Unless you change yourself, neither do I see you getting married to anyone, nor do I think that anyone would want to have kids with you”. The last statement was enough for Arjun to lose his temper. His anger and emotions came out like a deluge. SLAP! Natasha was stunned for a moment. Her otherwise milky white cheeks now looked a pale crimson in colour.

“Don’t you dare utter one more word, you money-thirsty idiot. Get out of my sight and out of my life. Go to your ATM, Dilip. Whatever else happens or doesn’t happen. I promise you this. I will be a successful film maker one day and I will be more successful than your corporate joker Dilip”. Saying so, Arjun left the place. The skies opened as if it was waiting for this opportune moment. Natasha was left staring at the receding form of Arjun in the distance and rubbing her cheeks.

Copyright Statement: The story is proprietary material of the author and any attempt to publish or reprint the story in any other form without the prior permission of the author will be liable for legal action.

Love in the Times of Recession – Chapter 3 – Blink


The first week of October also saw a new batch of students entering the campus. They came in as a whiff of fresh air for the students of Batch 5, who were facing many a turmoil due to recession in the markets. Many new girls caught the eyes of the boys who were in their best behavior and clothes.

An informal ice-breaking session was conducted in the first weekend, to get to know the new batch. A fun filled two-and-a-half-hour session ensued where the entire batch of 48 students were asked to perform a few tasks. Towards the end of the session, Ashima walked up to the front of the class to make an announcement.

“Folks, it was a wonderful opportunity getting to know you all on a personal level. On behalf of the students of Batch 5, it gives me great opportunity to invite you all for the Fresher’s Party to be conducted in two weeks time. The theme for the party will be disclosed just a few days before.”

Ayushman joined Ashima “But before you people start rejoicing about the Fresher’s Party, let me break some bad news”

Groans were heard from all corners of the class.

“Its tradition in our college to conduct a business plan competition just a week before the fresher’s. We introduce you all to BLINK…an annual competition, where all of you will be tested on your presentation skills and innovative ideas.

Business plans are decision making tools. A good business plan can help to make a good business credible, understandable and attractive to someone who is unfamiliar with the idea. Preparing a business plan draws on a wide range of knowledge from many different business disciplines.”

Ashima chipped in “The entire class will be divided into 6 teams of 8 each. The common ground for all of you would be e – business, with respect to specific domains that will include Auction, e – learning,  Entertainment, Investment, Kids, Matrimony, Real Estate, Social Networking and Sports”

“The terms and conditions for the contest along with the list of groups will be mailed across to your group ID. Any clarifications, you people can always reach out to me,” concluded Ayushman.

At the end of it, Ayushman heaved a huge sigh of relief. It had been one hell of a ride to convince the class to adhere to the tradition at the campus. Because of the placement scenario, which was nowhere close to satisfying, most of the Batch 5 students were least interested in conducting the event. They wanted all their energies to be focused on the placements.

But Ayushman was different. He wanted the contest to happen and had his selfish reasons as well. Ayushman, by nature was hungry for fame.

He lobbied hard and managed to get them interested in the event. Ashima on the other hand worked hard in the girls’ hostel to make sure the fairer sex understand the importance of the contest being held. Finally there was a consensus on everything. From people sitting in the class to attend the contest, to the topics that were to be given to the juniors, everything was agreed upon.

A lot of ego-messaging was done to get the guys and the girls ready and Ayushman and his team made sure they leave no stone unturned to make the event one of the best ever held in the history of the college.

12th October 2011, the day of the BLINK dawned. The judges for the evening were Mr. Sainath, a former alumnus and a financial analyst, and Mr. Krishnan, a software engineer from Microsoft. Ayushman and Ashima were the unanimous choices for hosting the event.

This day was going to be the turning point in the life of Ayushman Bhatnagar.

Ashima was looking very pretty that day. Dressed in a white salwar kameez, she was dressed to kill. As he walked towards her, he saw her talking to Rahul. She was pretty, he thought. And when he finally joined them, she looked his way with a pair of hazy eyes that kept on coming.

“Hi,” she said as she offered her hand, “I m pretty nervous. I hope you aren’t. Hope we do a good job in there.”

But as he shook her hand and met those striking brown eyes, he knew before he’d taken his next breath that she was the one he could spend the rest of his life with. She seemed that good, that perfect…Ayushman was completely bowled over.

Ayushman and Ashima started the proceedings and each of the 6 teams proved their mettle, vying for the first place. The judges had a tough task in deciding the winners as every team tried outdoing the other.

After the event the judges spoke a few words of encouragement for both the batches. They said they understood the difficulty the seniors would have gone through coming up with the contest especially because the placement season was on and was impacted by the ongoing slowdown.

They saluted the resilience shown by the students of Batch 5 in these times of distress. Unfortunately not any of them knew that this show of strength was fading at a cancerous speed with every passing day.

All through this, Ayushman was absolutely quiet. He was so smitten by Ashima that he couldn’t peel his eyes off her.

“What is happening to me?” he wondered.

Later that night, Ayushman was very restless in his room. He just couldn’t take his mind away from Ashima. As much as he tried shutting her out of his mind, she kept flirting in absence.

He dished out his mobile from under the pillow and re-read the message she had sent him last week.

“Tomorrow, at 6 in the evening. I shall meet you in Barista,” he replied back.

This Book Is A Copyright of the author. Any Infringement or usage on any other website will invite legal action. 

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