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Ishaq Se Achha Kya Hai

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इश्क में बहने सेअच्छा क्या है
ख्वाबों में रहने से अच्छा क्या है ,
हाले-दिल सुनाने से नहीं होगा मेरा वो
गोया चुप ही रहने से अच्छा क्या है .

रातों में जगने से अच्छा क्या है
रास्तों से लड़ने से अच्छा क्या है ,
बर्बाद करेगा तू , हो जाऊंगा ख़ुशी से मैं
बर्बाद हो फिर से -पनप जाने से अच्छा क्या है .

सजने और संवर जाने से अच्छा क्या है
ग़म है तो क्या , मुस्कुराने से अच्छा क्या है .
सफ़ेद कपड़ों में लिपट जायेंगे इस ज़िन्दगी के बाद
दुनिया के रंगों में रंग जाने से अच्छा क्या है

तेरी चाहत के फंदे में उतर जाने से अच्छा क्या है
जो है किया मना सबने – वो कर जाने से अच्छा क्या है ,
सुना चुका हूँ तेरी साज़िश ज़हर तू ही मुझे देगी
तेरे हाथों का दिया ज़हर पी जाने से अच्छा क्या है .


Lootera Review: Good Story And Solid Performances



By Ankush Kumar

On the outset Lootera is a ‘flawed gem filled with glorious emotions’. A story set in the 1950’s; Vikram Motwane has put his writing skills to good effect by tactfully incorporating O Henry’s short story ‘The last leaf’.

A zamindar father dotes on his asthamic daughter, aloof of the immediate threat of his property being confiscated by the government. Enter a suave charmer and the inevitable happens. Cupid strikes.

Ranveer & Sonakshi make an odd pair, but it’s the uneven edges in their chemistry that makes them so loveable. The journey of being in love; nursing heartbreak and reinventing love all over again in a span of one year makes the plot of this romantic thriller.

Performance wise the workshops created by the director is visible in the acting of the lead protagonists. The character actors ably support the flow of the movie.

What is breathtaking though is the cinematography and art designing of the film. The portrayal of vintage cars, opulent havelis and mesmerizing visuals of Dalhousie makes the film worthy of praise. The lyrics penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya, soulful music by Amit Trivedi makes you feel as if you are watching ‘Poetry in motion’. Vikramaditya Motwane has moved a notch higher after his first outing as a director. Lootera is a near perfect film that will have an after effect for days to come.

P.S: If technology drives you, snazzy camerawork is staple diet for you, then you are reading the wrong review. For all others enjoy the weekend. Lootera will make it special.

Rating: 3.5/5

Lootera (2013) Movie First Look Poster




ओस जैसी ज़िन्दगी…

dew drops

Abhinav SIngh continues to use words to melt us. Another masterpiece.

हरे झुकते पत्तों पे सरसराती सी फिसलन,
घास पे हीरे के जैसे हो रखी,
जैसे कोई नयी नवेली दुल्हन।
अंततः रिसते हुए जाती मिटटी के आगोश,
क्यूँ इतनी छोटी जिन्दगी होती तेरी ओस।
तेरा अस्तित्व तेरा वजूद तब दिखता,
जब बूंदों से होती ये ज़मीन पावन।
बिन बारिश न  है तू, जब  होती,
तो पल  में सिमटता तेरा जीवन।
अंततः रिसते हुए जाती मिटटी के आगोश,
क्यूँ इतनी छोटी जिन्दगी होती तेरी ओस।
जिंदगी चाहे छोटी हो,
पर हंसी हरपल  बनी रहे।
कुछ ओस से ही सिख ले,
कि चमक हरपल सजी रहे।
अंततः तुझे जाना है,
रिसते हुए मिटटी के आगोश।
फिर भी जिन्दगी जीना,
तू सिखला जाती ओस।

Go Goa Gone: Review



Kartik Kannan whose favourite destination is Goa was the best person to review Go Goa Gone. Peek into it to see what he likes and what he does not in the film. 

It doesn’t take too much to excite some one of a movie with the title having the
3 magical letters of Goa in it. To add to that in the trailer, you wacky hummable
music, Zombie plot., 3 guys having bachelor fun in Goa, one new chick as part of
the cast, and this is just the tip of the iceberg, since you’ve seen the trailer

The movie remains very focused on the Zombie plot, and does not waste time
lounging around irrelevant scenes, but you did feel that the movie did not take
you around on a little trip around Goa, as much as you imagined sitting in living
room. The Zombie genre, recently introduced in India, by Luke Kenny, seems to
have been inspired by Walking Dead-from Hollywood, but fits in rather well with
the Goa theme.

The directors have done well to keep a balance between the comedy and the
zombie chase, keeping with the trailer’s promise of a Zom-Com(Zombie comedy).
It’s easy to have fallen for the bait of missing the woods for the trees in focusing
more on the zombie part, but the film makers have done justice to the way they
have timed the length of the movie.

The movie starts with a spicy Telugu number, where Chiranjeevi’s jhatka’s
from the 90’s, have Luv(Vir Das) and Hardik(Kunal) unwillingly glued to the
dance, since neither of them is stable enough to push their laziness to change the
remote. The scene just showed how bored in life, each of them were, and why
they needed a break from the routine and vert appropriately, their mundance
life is highlighted by the catchy ‘Khoon Choos Le’ number. To make matters
more worse, Hardik loses his job due to a make out session in the office board
room, and Luv is rejected by his girlfriend(eerily similar to Eurotrip’s ‘Scotty
doesn’t know’). So in true Indian style, people use their frustration to rise like
the phoenix, in making a Goa trip, thanks to an opportunity that arises due to
Bunny(their room mate), who needs to make a presentation to his higher ups.

Cut to Goa, the director makes a humorous point on how today’s Facebook
friends are mere connections on the web, more than actual friends. Luv’s who’s
full monty in the pool, end up meeting Luna(his Facebook Fraand), who happens
to know everything in Luv’s real life, thanks to his Facebook updates(apart from
knowing that the Chaddi floating in the water is Luv’s). Luna(Puja Gupta) looks
vivacious in the bikini, and one only wishes they had more of her in the movie, to
keep the fun quotient going!

Luna informs them of a rave party in a secret island, and before you know it, our
bachelor trio drive down to a point where where they see the island from the
coast. In a very ‘The Beach’esque fashion, the trio looks at the island from a
distance, and decide how close It is, for them to get there. Once on the island, the
rave party is shown in the rather appropriate ‘Slowly Slowly’ number. The rave
party has pills being distributed for people to get high, and our trio doesn’t have
the pills, since they don’t have the moolah in the pocket. Hardik takes ‘Ariana’ to
make love under the moonlight, and wakes up the next morning, when the

morning sun gleams on his face. He wakes up to see people eating other people
on the beach, and runs for cover to make sense of the situation and meets his
other friends . The conversation that follows is hilarious, given the studious
background of Bunny( A Steve Job fan, who chooses to ask ‘What do we know,
what have we learnt), and our trio trek their way out to get out of the island. In
the midst of their run, Hardik suddenly remembers that Luna, had said that she
would be going from the party to meet her friends on the hilltop guest house.

He convinces his friends to go rescue Luna, and then they get to the hilltop
guesthouse to discover blood stains all over, and find Luna locked in her room.
They discover the Zombie phenomenon is all over the island and not limited to
what they saw., and realize that this may be linked to the pills that were
distributed. While they run together for safety, they are accosted by the Zombies
and just when it seems that the Zombies would have them for breakfast,
Bareez(Boris for the make believe Russian accent), makes an entry shoots the
Zombies, saving the group of 4.

The rest of the movie is about how they encounter and escape from the Zombies,
which forms 60% of the movie, and here is where the movie slips a bit with a
perceived overdose of the zombie bit, but there’s enough rib tickling comedy to
keep you entertained, apart from the racy feel that the movie has all through the
2 hours.

Things to watch out are Luv’s reactions, when he the false alarm ticks off in
his brain as ‘moments-to- make-out’, and Kunal Khemu’s care free attitude on
his sleeve, which makes up for many ROTFL ‘moments’. Overall, it makes for
interesting viewing, but you leave the hall wondering if it could have been better.
Could the ‘Director Babaii’ have given more bootiful ‘Bhaang for the Buck’? The
answer is yes, but you ‘Slowly Slowly’ forget all that, as the songs more than
make up for the few gaffes that stay in the movie!





Aditya Roy’s Brilliance only Saving Grace for Aashiqui 2

aashiqui2 cover

Summary: Trying to make something between Devdas and Abhimaan, Mohit Suri let’s down expectations that were raised because of the name of Aashiqui 2. The film leave aside delighting, does not in fact appeal to any senses. Shraddha Kapoor as usual does not fit in the female lead’s role and with many fragile characters around, this one is a huge let down. Except for Aditya Roy Kapoor’s efforts there is nothing to watch the film.

How the Movie Unfolds: Aashiqui 2 is story of a singer Rahul Jaykar (played by Aditya Roy Kapur) who falls in love with the voice of Aarohi Shirke (played by Shraddha Kapoor) who wishes to be a singer and sings at small joints. Rahul takes it upon himself and decides to make Aarohi a singing star. He convinces her by building her confidence and even arranges for her audition with the music baron. Embarasses her once in true Mahesh Bhatt film style but finally manages to make her a star.

From here Abhimaan starts and as Aarohi’s career takes-off with flying colors Rahul’s career which was already in jeopardy continues the downward trend. There comes a point where Rahul starts hating his own identity and Aarohi makes a decision to save her love-life!

Rating: 2 Stars

Performances: Aditya Roy Kapur as earlier mentioned was by far the saving grace. He tries hard to make sure his role does not relate to the strong holds around Ranbir Kapoor of Rockstar and Amitabh Bachchan and kind of succeeds to. No doubt the guy’s presence is noticeable because of his brilliant look as well. Irrespective of him doing a great job, the film just doesn’t hold but am sure his work will be noticed and won’t go for waste. His brilliance in some scenes just make the movie watchable.

Shraddha Kapoor as usual does not impress. The role was too much for her to play and she gave complete evidence for that. Not that she lost it completely. In some places where acting takes a backseat, she looks gorgeous but unfortunately cinema also needs acting alongside great looks. Am sure she will do well if she picks up some acting skills and learns the art of dialogue delivery. At best during some real moments in the film, the female lead looks like just spitting mugged up dialogues.

Other actors do well but incidentally the film’s script does not hold for it to be called a compelling watch.

Verdict: The film could very well be a documentary on Alcoholism. It does not do any justice to Aashiqui made two decades back which literally redefined music and cinema of those time. Except for Aditya Roy Kapoor and come really well done scenes this film could easily be avoided. 


Influence of Music on the Inner World

Goddess Of Music

Shwetha Kalyanasundaram talks of the beauty of musical chords and how history and the present have been proof of the way music impacts our inner world

All our ancient treatises on music propound that it is a gift mankind has been bestowed with from Divinity above; and that its bliss is made available to everyone as freely as air, water and the sunrays. These great texts on music also enjoin it upon man to imbibe this great power of music and to enrich his spiritual power and to purge his body, mind and soul of all impurities that might be polluting them.

Music helps man to enhance his spiritual powers and enables him to experience very subtle and elevated emotional awareness deep within. As a result, his inner world undergoes a magical transformation. The salutary effect of music on the psyche (brain) and the body of man as well as other animals, including the plant world has been acknowledged by even the western scientists and scholars of music.

Musical vibrations are found to impact the non-living things as effectively as the living beings. Man has been able to articulate his hidden feelings of subconscious, varying states of mind, desires, urges and passions through the medium of musical notes (Nada) and unleashing an array of invigorating waves of energy.

There are several stories surrounding the enchanting and hypnotic powers of music. The God is nowhere as strongly evident as in the Indian tradition. Our history is replete with strange and incredible stories such as generating fire bringing down showers of rain, curing the most incurable of diseases, bringing the cruellest of animals under control, converting solid objects into liquids etc with the powerful influence of music.

Music restores peace and tranquillity to the heart that is afflicted with pain. Music enhances man’s creative faculties and cheers up his soul. In their endeavours to explore the intangible, yet powerful influence of music the yogis of India stumbled on discovering such powers and such domains of the spiritual world that to elucidate it all, they had to create a different Veda.

In ‘Samaveda’ the secrets of the musical powers of God have been expounded and elucidated in such a way that by emulating them, man can bring his powers to merge with that of God himself. Now, even the opinions of western scholars are found to lend sustenance to the vision of Indian musicologists in this regard.

It is in music that we find a perfect quintessence of all the elements of philosophy that strengthen the body, the mind and the soul. It was Pythagoras’s considered opinion that: “Music is the most ideal means of spiritual upliftment which is why one should always sing along with a musical instrument”.

But Dr. Mike Peden pointed out that vocal music is a more effective genre than instrumental music. From the point of view of psychological fulfilment what Pythagoras has said seems to be more apt.

Image of Raag Singing

On listening to Tansen’s ‘Todi’ raag, a whole swarm of deer came galloping there drawn by the cascades of his swar patterns. The singer, under the thrall of his emotional upsurge took out one of the chains that adorned his neck and put it on the neck of one of his enraptured audience! In the process the flow of the musical stream came to a sudden halt and then, the hitherto entranced deer ran back into the jungle!

Through his singing of the ‘Todi’ raag, Tansen demonstrated as to how music can influence the inner world. Inspired by this episode, Baiju Bavara sang the alaap of ‘MrigaranjaniTodi’ when that particular deer that had made of with Tansen’s chain on its neck came running back to the court of the king where the singing was in progress.

Through this experiment, Baiju established a curious fact that the subtle vibrations of the musical waves carry such enchanting powers that they can transmute message to any animal that may be located at any distance, and in any direction.