Conflicts for a New Mommy

Antara Roy debunks some popular myths about motherhood.


So finally, he arrived!! After the 9 months long drill, I couldn’t wait to take him in my arms… It was different, he was red like a tomato, eyes tightly shut by the heavy eyelids; felt like a little mountain baby in my very eastern bong hands. I was a first-time mom, and it was the first time I held such a tiny creature. I was beyond elated and blissfully unaware of the days and nights ahead!! But that story of how I embraced motherhood is for my journals to bear. Here I am more interested in bawling around how a new age mommy deals with her baby, her house, her hubby and her work… oh!! Did I forget to write Indian?? Let me reframe then; ‘I am more interested in bawling around how a new age Indian mommy deals with her baby, her house, her hubby and her work.’

Why such emphasis on Indian, you ask? Simply, because we have got it too easy; it’s too easy to outsource and delegate. Baby Bathing-outsourced, cooking-outsourced, baby massage- outsourced; you name it and it can get outsourced. Where else in this whole wide world can you find this luxury? But again, luxury ensures a cost. Our traditional society has designs for a new mommy already made. And thus it is the tryst of this modern mommy to understand, embrace and somewhat rebel (ah, the best) these designs…

Myth: eat limited after delivery, especially water as it leads to obesity…

Really, and then what… Drink ghee and full fat milk which will keep you lean?? Eating moderate helps, but not limited. Eat what you have eaten all your life. Do not restrict. If you are breastfeeding you need a lot of strength from proteins and stamina from carbs. No point shying away from it. Pictures are evidence enough that even Aishwarya Rai didn’t!!

Myth: beer and wine helps in lactation…

How much so ever I wanna scream ‘it’s true and I love it’, sadly it isn’t true!! Though one glass in a couple of weeks won’t kill anyone, yet ensure you breast feed after a couple of hours of drinking it. Let your body get enough time to absorb and break alcohol, before it reaches the baby.

Myth: no rotis/chapattis/breads of any sort for 40 days after delivery

This is one of my favourites that I heard of. Apparently wheat is not good as it will lengthen the time taken for one to heal from delivery. Come on people, use logic to your limited knowledge of science. Whole-wheat is the best kind of carb you should subject your body to for the first few weeks after delivery. It is one magic ingredient that will heal your body as well as give stamina for you to do the onerous task of feeding and caring for a newborn.

Myth: post-partum depression is for the weak hearted.

And the weak hearted can be easily sorted out because they have 2 noses??!! Baby blues happen and you are bound to feel it one way or other. One stray comment on skin colour or the shape of nose can put you off or lift you up. Trust me, better days are up ahead. And there is no shame in owning up and doing the right thing.

Saving the best for the last…

Myth: baby boys put in disposable diapers turn out to be eunuchs.

Oh goodness!! I feel like taking a bat to run after these so called educated people suggesting these in a cosmo city like Mumbai. Where did our education system fail? How come people are so blissfully unaware of biology of our bodies?? Though using disposables will blow out a huge hole in your pocket and ozone layer, but u will surely get grandkids to put on cloth diapers!! :-p


Having mentioned about cloth diapers, if you are a mommy and you read till this point, you might wanna try out these amazingly innovative products afloat in the markets of today. It’s a completely washable diaper, designed to leave kids dry on skin, while soaking up the pee and poop and keeping it in without visible accidents. It’s leak-proof, adorable to look at and very cost effective in the long run!! If you need more info about these, write in a comment and I will get back to you!!

Eat well, stay loved and spread care. Cheers!!

5 thoughts on “Conflicts for a New Mommy

  1. Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

    Antara Roy, a fantastic article! and bout the right time for me, considering I m expecting a baby in less than three months from now 🙂
    Washable diapers?!? Seriously?!? I sure need to look into this now! Thanks for the tip 🙂
    N congos on your baby 🙂

    1. zouqh

      Ooh amazing.. congrats to u too.. 🙂 let me knw if u need any info on it.. I m a cloth convert and I wud like nothing else than inspiring others to do the same.. cheers!!

  2. Saswati Chakladar

    Enjoyed reading your article, although fortunately I did not end up getting too many suggestions like these. In fact, most of them took me by surprise knowing that people believe like this even today 😦
    However, I will appreciate knowing the brand name and details for the washable diaper, there isn’t anything of this sort here in Denmark, or least to my knowledge. Please share the details too.
    Enjoy the everyday changes of your little bundle of joy 🙂

    1. zouqh

      Yeah, denmark helped u!! Here in india though its a completely diff story.. every random guy walking the street will ve “an expert tippni” in this matter. .

      Abt cloth diapers I think I ll do abother piece on it.. a lot of mommies are asking me.. try cheap online sites foe getting hold of it.. otherwise ppl traveling to u from india might lug it to u!!

      1. Saswati Chakladar

        I think so too, rather here the advises given are very apt in fact sometimes one who hails from India would think its too little 😛 I was always told to eat whatever I like and I did the same. But I can understand being a new mom there in India.
        Here they advice babies to be taken out frequently and fortunately Piklu was born in summer. It was only because my parents were around then, that it was possible to convince that indeed its the best way to raise a healthy baby (the Scandinavian believe). I took him out 9 days after he was born!!! Just thought of sharing, might not be exactly possible in India though 😦
        Please send in the diaper alternative details!! might pick up some in my next visit 🙂

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