Ms. Rose Chasm: The Cross Who Double Crossed Us

the cross that double crossed us

Continuing her crusade in India’s defence, Shwetha Kalyanasundaram, brings to you more evidence of why she thinks this entire Ms. Chasm story is a campaign to malign India. A must read. 

A chance comment posted under my article on CNN iReport titled “My India: The Mistaken Story – An Indian Woman’s Perspective” (first published on Mission Sharing Knowledge) caught my attention.

Quoting the person under the pseudonym ‘moonboat’ – “Michela Cross posted a number of videos on YouTube during her trip, including one that gives quite a different account of the Ganesha festival incident she related. In the video, she gushes on about how she loved all the attention and photos being taken of her. In the current circumstances, where her story is being taken as gospel and this story has gone viral, I find the videos are appalling. She also shows herself to be ignorant and disrespectful of Indian culture.”

And this had a bunch of us looking at the videos posted by Ms. Cross on her channel in YouTube. Boy! Weren’t they interesting! And we realized that some of her statements were in total contradiction to her article “India: The Story You Never Wanted to Hear”.

Here’s how…

Her video published on September 29, 2012, where she talks about her experiences at the Ganesha festival

Quoting Ms. Cross from the video

  • “We were grabbed by a bunch of GIRLS who started dancing with us, flashing paint on our faces, which was COOL”
  • “Taking loads of photos of us, I felt like a CELEBRITY. If you wanna feel like a celebrity, be a WHITE person and GO TO INDIA”
  • “We danced for 12 more hours to Bollywood music and we were given lots of food. It was super cool. I felt like I was in a movie”
  • “Fun facts – The Ganesha festival which ended today is…ummm…Ganesha is the God who is prayed to for the start of journeys and travels. I consider it GOOD LUCK”

Wow Ms.Cross! This is so contradictory to what you had put up in your story about the Ganesha festival!!!

Quoting from her article “I was prepared to follow the University of Chicago’s advice to women, to dress conservatively, to not smile in the streets.” However, your video titled “Whipping Boy” published on October 2, 2012 has you saying that your roommate and her friend embarked on an adventure and smiled at the people on the streets!

Didn’t you just break the rules?!? And you say you weren’t prepared for all the stares/glares that sliced away bits of you piece by piece! You brought it on upon yourself – you purposefully drew the locals’ attention on you! And you blame us?!? Preposterous is the word (that would just be an understatement actually!).

There are 6 videos that have been put up by Ms. Cross on YouTube with reference to her India trip – especially her three months of stay in Pune. Surprisingly, none of her videos show signs of struggle or trauma. And you are struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) now?!? I’m no psychiatrist Ms. Cross – but all I can say is you are suffering from a serious bout of “Attention Deficit Disorder”.

Ms. Cross, now I’m really starting to wonder if your whole article “India:  The Story You Never Wanted to Hear” was a sham to tarnish the image of my beautiful country. You’ve taken the entire nation for a highly emotional ride. Your article drew in a lot of support from my fellow compatriots and this pretence of an article is like a slap on their faces. Deplorable act I must say!!

P.S: @Moonboat – whoever you are, thanks a lot for bringing this to our notice. We owe this article to you!

23 thoughts on “Ms. Rose Chasm: The Cross Who Double Crossed Us

  1. Annie

    Totally unbelievable! I had actually shared her article and now feel like a total fool. She sounded absolutely distressed and shaken! What a …..
    Thanks for writing this and sharing the youtube link. I am going to be super careful when I share articles in future.

  2. JK

    There’s much more to her FAKE story!

    The first time I read her iReport, it sounded grossly exaggerated and unbelievable. Goa rape attempts, public masturbation, 45 minute long stalking, her PTSD, all left many questions unanswered. So, I decided to investigate this thoroughly.

    I found her YouTube videos, that conveys completely the opposite of what she has described in her iReport and made her look like someone just acting victim. The Ganesha festival video left me wondering how could on be traumatized and have a good time at the same time? In other videos that she did just before leaving her hotel room, I failed to notice even a minuscule hint of the ‘great terror’ or fear of going out on her face in any of those. NOT A CLUE! PTSD takes as long to develop as it takes to heal and is a very gradual process. It often starts with a fear of doing small, usual tasks. This little girl is either a great actor or a great liar.

    I found her Facebook page. Going through her friends list, I was able to spot 4-5 other people who were on the same India trip. They have posted tons of photos of the trip, many still have an ‘India’ photo as their timeline cover image! Again, I found all of them telling a story completely opposite to the fake iReport. Not just that, Ms. Cross was spotted laughing and giggling in the comments sections of many of those images. Two most marked symptoms of PTSD are Flashback (of horrific incidents) and nightmares! So that means…. you can complete this sentence yourself.

    “I found her one of the best friend from India!! He was seen lurking in the comments section of the photos I just talked about. Here’s what he has to say:
    I am a student of *** College, Pune. I was out on a trek with my group of friends where we met Cross and her group. We became instant friends. The American group would spend most of their time hanging out with our group – most of the day, every day, and sometimes late in the night. We even stayed at each other’s places and had a lot of fun together. Cross was not the prominent member of the group – not like someone who does most of the talking and makes decisions for the group. She looked like having inferiority complex. There was something strange about her personality. She remained detached from the group both mentally and physically. So, we enjoyed with the group while she kept running after street dogs and cows. Most of the time she did not join the group in its activities, but stayed back at her hotel room or went out alone to explore the city, sometimes very late in the night while we sat there and shared stories. On asking how did she like her time in India, her reaction was positive. She only complained that the ‘stares’ were ‘killing’ her. When I read her article, I was aghast. I tried talking to her, but she won’t respond now. And the Goa incident (that she described), it simply can’t be true! The group was not alone there; they went there with their teacher!”

    It does look like her article was just a publicity stunt.

    I found a similar fake iReport from a third member of her group (probabally expecting the same publicity and quick, short rise to fame)! Her claims in the article are so phony and fake that even the dumbest person could tell she’s blatantly lying and has busted herself and her friend.
    Hundreds of other iReports have gone live full of fake claims about sexual harassment in India by people who probably have never been to India in the first place.

    There’s a real PTSD survivor commenting on a video of her enjoying her short fame and snapshots of her on live TV which she is proudly promoting on Facebook. He says she looks and talks nothing like someone who has PSTD.

    1. Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

      Wow JK!! That’s definitely a thorough investigation you ve carried out n twas very interesting to read ’em. Jus stands to show what extent ppl go for their “moment to fame”. Great job:-)

      1. tanmaya

        Great Work JK!! Thats the problem with India!! Like the dialogue in Hungama!!! Hum Koi Mandir ki Ghanta hai jo koi bhi aaye aur bajake jaye!!

    2. JK

      Hey thanks guys! Excuse my horrible English in the previous comment, but I’m glad you clearly see the crook now. I’m in touch with that Pune guy and I’m encouraging him to write a strong article with some solid proof. I’ll let you guys know.

  3. mansi

    totally agree to u here…..infct had a link of her original post posted on my fb account….surprisingly many indians supported her…..which was a shock to me….hw negative has our generation become to our nation….tht a person stays in our country for a few days n paints a wrong picture abt it n what we do is defend her…..:/

    1. JK

      Ha ha! Don’t be shocked, Mansi, you’ll gradually learn the rules of cyberspace. Yes there were a few legitimate Indians going there and apologizing, but the majority of them — in upwards of 90% — were Pakistani trolls posing as Indian women describing their torture in graphic details. Since this issue relates to women, it’s better to leave it alone rather than commenting and giving them more opportunities to tarnish our image. But don’t worry our guys are working hard to put them in place. Read the comments on this article. 99% of the 2000+ comments is India Pakistan fight. Shameless and open.

      Read through with patience and you’ll end up laughing hard banging your head on the floor.

      1. Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

        JK, as a matter of fact, I have a couple of trolls up my article on CNN!!! Funny reading what they have to say:-) their immaturity makes for some good laughs:-)

    2. Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

      Mansi, thats what hurt us and prompted us to retaliate. As a matter of fact, many people apologized to her which was even more disgusting. Good to see people like younstand up for what is right:-)

      1. JK

        Shwetha, did you know that it was planned attack by that bloody crook and her friends? if you have read most of the comments, you must have noticed almost all of them wrote PERFECT American English – perfect grammar, perfect spelling, and native speaker like fluency and articulation. They also talked like they knew each other in real life. See, what the Pune guy got hold of from her facebook:

        There was a lack of co-ordination from our side, but we can still attack in a planned way. The Pune guy also told me that the other members of her study group are not her real life friends and they don’t support her article.

        However, I’m feeling very relieved after reading this:
        I’m buying google ads to promote it, you may also want to give it a good push. 🙂

  4. missionsharingknowledge Post author

    JK: Would be grateful if you could send us an article on your take with some more evidences. We would publish this and promote massively so that everyone knows how someone wanted to tarnish our nations image and how we rebutted strongly. We wanted CNN to run this story and they did not, no surprises there. They did not even take a comment done by us which had the link.

    1. JK

      Yes, I’m collecting more evidence, but you know what that little nut case has deleted all the videos from her YouTube account. I was going to download them the first day I saw them, but though she was too dumb and won’t hide those.

      1. mclondon1

        I am very curious about this and trying to find more about it – so what else were you able to collect? Where can I find the opinions of Ms. Cross’ friend in Pune?

  5. AArun

    The other girl (Saoirse) who has posted her own account on CNN claims she threw the man’s cellphone out of the train window in an AC3 compartment. The last I checked, AC3 didnt have windows but glass panes. This all seems like a bunch of **** … maligning a whole country is just not done!

    1. JK

      mclondon1, I guess it was a big mistake to make this article public, and then post a link to it on her facebook page. She seems to be following all the comments here. 2 days after I posted the first comment, she deleted all her YT videos. 1 day after posting the snapshot of her facebook profile, she changed her privacy settings – now it’s impossible to fetch anything from there. We wrote several times to the teacher that was with her group, but he won’t reply back – just wanted to know the name of the hotel they stayed at in Goa. I guess, we have missed a chance. Anyone with better resources, like a news agency, could have completely proved her wrong with a simple investigation, but you see, even with these limited evidences one can tell she’s just acting victim and shamelessly exaggerating.

  6. mclondon1

    I am not sure whether she ever named the hotel in Goa, she did mention a “Hotel Sanbag: Family Bar and Restaurant” in Hospet. She talked about walking alone after dark in Goa to find her friends on the first day she arrived there and getting lost, and some guy was inviting her to go to an alley. There was no indication of the incident in the hotel in her blog. Until I read her blog (someone kindly sent me the link) and saw the youtube videos, I thought may be she is telling the truth. Now it looks to me like she is significantly exaggerating this. Sim cards for cell phones are so cheap in India, why didn’t she buy a sim card and use it to call her friends rather than walking to find them (or call her friends when someone was bothering her in her room in the hotel)? She could have converted her phone to a GPS using the local map from the Internet to find her way back. Things do not add up well.

    What bothered even more is this: She went couchsurfing in a place at night in Detroit when her host told her “So you can come later, but you’ll probably have a gun in your face.” This was after her hospital stay, and I am surprised that she even dared to go to that dangerous region, after her psychological episode, where she could have faced a lot more danger than in India. She does not strike to me as a stable person. I do not know whether the moderator will allow links, but here is the link to her blog (since there are no copyright issues mentioned in the site, I made copies of it just in case it disappears quickly).

  7. JK

    mclondon1, ALL the students in her group HAD Indian phone numbers and internet. But, you can’t really expect a retard to use it, especially during emergencies.

    In the ireport she mentioned 2 rape attempts in 48 hours without giving sufficient detail, and the only option left to the readers is to imagine what the “rape attempts” could have been like – chasing, slapping, punching, screaming, pushing, pulling, dragging? Whoa ha ha! I read about the first rape attempt in her blog, where she gets lost on the beach and a guy tries to lure her. This was the conversation b/w her and the guy:
    “Hello, hello ma’am,” was its ubiquitous refrain. I ignored it until a man in his late twenties stood a few feet away from me, an iPod earbud hanging from one ear. “Are you alone?”
    “No,” I said, though I clearly was. “I’m with friends.”
    “Yes, I saw your friends,” he said. “They went over there.” He pointed to the dark dead-end from which I’d just come. “It’s very dark, come, I’ll show you.”
    “No thanks,” I said.
    “Come, your friends are just over there, let me show you the way. It’s very dark.”
    “No thanks I’m just gonna walk on the beach.”
    “Please, you’re all alone.”
    “No thanks,” I said, and walked away. He didn’t follow. So I wasn’t raped. Win.
    I don’t mention the event because it was exceptionally bad.
    Now, now, I’d call that interaction a “rape attempt” only when I’m the writer of the story and I have full control over both the character’s intentions. This could very well have been an attempt to rob the girl, or to kidnap her, to kill her and sell her organs, force her into drug trade, and so on? The author has too conveniently labelled it as a “polite rape attempt” just because she is in full control of the male character of her story. And if you sit down to analyse, you can clearly see that the other character is dumb sounding… since the author herself is dumb ha ha!

    The 2nd incident happened at the Goa hotel when the owner of the hotel started calling her and breathing into the phone. For the sake of convenience, that was certainly a rape attempt, too. And instead of pulling out scissors from your bag, sane people will pull out their phone and call their adult, Indian male teacher staying in the same hotel a few doors away!

    I think this girl has some serious problems and a pathetic life. Maybe, she was a neglected child all her childhood, and as an adult woman she’s not getting the attention women of her age deserve. Like the Pune guy said, nobody was interested in talking to her. So, she’s now diagnosed with a personality disorder – her second personality being someone that got a lot of attention in a foreign land. I guess her doctors suggested her to share her story as a part of her therapy so that support from people could help her heal. Yeah, she did get support, but I don’t know how much good it might have done her when she exactly knows she had been lying and exaggerating – one word of criticism will nullify the good done by 1000s of words of praise and support. She has a tough life ahead, and in all probability will experience the worst in her own country itself. Let’s pray for her?

  8. mclondon1

    @JK, Please read her blog in July 2013 – see how reckless she was after the breakdown. I was also puzzled by her selection of movie clips, from the hundreds and thousands of movie clips, she picked this particular one and posted in July 2012, before her trip to India (Youtube watch?v=y5g9wxws6jY) with a title “I will apply sweet poison to my breast and give suckle”, and she made a comment “If you thought India wasn’t weird enough…”. She had some type of pique towards India even then. This story is no more stranger than the story in the Bible where Pharaoh ordered to kill Jewish baby boys by throwing them to the river. Or King Herod ordering all boys to be killed when he heard about the birth of Jesus. She seems not only unbalanced, but ignorant also. Another thing bothered me about India, if such a story was written by a native Indian lady, it would have attracted no attention, I believe. When it is a white lady from the U.S., many men are ready to apologize for actions they have not done. In fact the response she received on her post is no different than the stares she received while walking in some streets – her post received all the attention in India because she is different. But she enjoyed all the attention from the post, although she denounced the attention from people looking at her.

    We should pray for her, but just to make sure people will recognize that her account is way off course, can you write a detailed response (if you are not interested, I can do it, but you know some of the local people who interacted with her) and post it in this forum as a blog for future reference?

  9. mclondon1

    @JK, I just put my detailed response in At least if someone looks for it, they can read it. I hope I addressed most of the issues.

  10. JK

    mclondon, I read your article – it’s well written. I had asked the Pune guy to write a detailed account of his interaction with the study group for their entire stay in Pune, but it seems like people have started forgetting her and they don’t care much. I tried publishing my own iReport, but CNN won’t take it. I also posted my findings in comments, but they too were gone within a few hours.

  11. mclondon1

    @JK, If you could add more to the opinion that I posted, please do so. I will be very happy to add and I would very much appreciate it. I might have missed a lot, so your addition would help. If you can get an account from the Pune guy, that would be really good. Other than one student from Chicago actually objecting to Chasm’s account, we do not have any reports from anyone associated with the trip. So this should be very good. The question in this case is not whether different women were harassed at different times, the question is whether Ms. Chasm was harassed and whether we have accounts from others to support that account. Otherwise, these are all unsupported claims by Ms. Chasm, which will not even make to the doorstep of a court room. People will start forgetting about Chasm, her one month fame is over, but before it disappears one has to make sure those who search on this topic could find the other side of the story also.


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