Of Trains and Cruel Mathematical Series

By Ankit Chandra


28 f 54
54 f 56
72 f 36
10 m 33
25 m 48
13 m 24 ….

it is not tough for a guy to decode the above series… this happens with all us middle class males so bereft of quality companionship in trains… the series above is a testimony of what I call the great divide of India…

If u still havent understood what the above thing is, well, lemme elaborate on the plight that eats on us like an earthworm feeding on a leaf. It is a very slow and painful slaughter of our hope to spend some ‘quality’ time with members of the opposite sex at a place where there are no parents or relatives…

The series above is what we see when we gaze at the reservation chart of the train that the station guy puts up so nonchalantly… Seat no. 28 F 54 years, Seat no. 54 F 56 (pfff),Seat no. 72 F 36(oh c’mon!),Seat no. 10 M 33(what the hell!), Seat no. 25 M 48(whatever.. it’s always this way..),Seat no. 13 M 24 (Yeah that’s me …)

You see, India is a huge country and when u have to travel to the other side of it, u end up spending close to 20 hrs in the train… U see so much in the journey and are so overwhelmed with it that u have to have someone to share ur feelings with (umm did i actually write what i just wrote?) .

Coming back to the series. I am right there at the end with the unlucky seat no. And it is called the great Indian divide ‘coz all the pretty faces and beautiful bodies travel in the AC coaches! for somehow the fathers of hot and attractive young women are always wealthy enough to keep their daughters away from their potential mates! and we are left with 28 f 54 ‘s, 72 f 36’s to learn about their nephews (mostly) and sons (irritatingly) working in great MNCs and almost always a pass out of II(Ts/Ms) … phew…

I am taking a Deccan airways next time. I am told the the great Indian divide narrows there. Long live liberalization.


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