Go Green!!

By Chandan Das


You are cutting your Life , by cutting a Tree Just plant one and get air absolutely Free !

Just save a Tree, its your best Friend People have lot of issues, hug a tree..they are God-Sent !!

Take care of the trees, they are the roots of all Living In return they will take care of you , will make you feel like a King !

Save Paper , if you want to sit down under the shade Recycle it , else this world will soon fade !!

Mother Nature will be happy , if you keep the Environment clean Already our planet is crying as the snow melts, go Eco-Friendly.. don’t be so mean !

Our Green Earth isn’t disposable, it’s the only one we have and that’s not a Lie Ever thought where which side would you live, if the Abused Earth happens to Die??

Don’t waste clean water ..its priceless so conserve & care You will not get a drop to drink later, although there will be “WATER” everywhere !!

Heal our planet, embrace the eco-friendly revolution Turn this World into a better place to Live, and arrest the Pollution ! Don’t throw your future away, show appreciation for the next generation So Go Green , else your life will always be in a perpetual ” commotion ” !!




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