The Road to Hana and Haleakala – II

Kartik Kannan continues talking about his experience on road to Hana and shares some photographs.


Once I went to the hotel, I decided to keep only what was essential for the road trip, and kept the rest of my baggage at the hotel. The drive restarted with some wonderful vistas of the Pacific ocean by the side.. The agenda for the drive was a 300 mile stretch to Hana, through mountains and a rain forest, and back, followed by another drive to a 10,000 feet-above sea level volcano, before sunrise.

6The drive started with the contrast of the grey roads, and the ensuing scenery of the blues of the Pacific Ocean in the background, which changed to a green and grey contrast, as soon as I entered the rainforest region. I stopped over a quick lunch, in a ramshackle caravan that was serving lunch in the rainforest, and proceeded on my drive to Hana. The interesting part during the drive at a point was to sea sunshine on side with the sea on the left and sees rains on the other side with clouds and mist building up, and I was driving exactly between these 2 weather patterns. I found time to explore Hana,trek to a nearby volcanic red sand beach and have some lovely ‘me’ time peace, that I had not found in the chaos of work.


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