Bhaag Milkha Bhaag: Rebuttal To The Negative Review Earlier

By Ravi J Singh


Okay, here I come with my review on BMB, sorry for being late –

If you miss this movie on a theater you will be doing a crime being a cine-lover. Fck so called self proclaimed false ‘critics’ like rajeev masand, or Shubha Shetty-Saha or sukanya verma who thinks this is a 2.5 star movie and just go to your fav theatre and watch the movie.

This movie indeed is much beyond the stars and reviews. This is pure simple story-telling, so rare these days in Bollywood.

Watch the movie for 5 people –

Farhan Akthar, for he is Milkha Singh in the movie, he did not acted Milkha but he lived Milkha. He gave a performance of his lifetime. He will be remembered for this role till the movie industry will last on this earth. For he ran like Milkha, he danced like Milkha, he loved like Milkha, he just went into the skin of the character, and gave a run for money to the Mr. Perfect Aamir Khan. He went much beyond the concept of living the character for he became the character himself that at so many places it really became an illusion for us that if we are watching a movie or a real footage Milkha documentary.

Of all my fav scenes was one when the young Milkha cries in front of his Multan home, cries like a baby, so helplessly, that you’d just want to get off your seat in theatre and console the inconsolable.

Rakyesh OmPrakash Mehra, for he did created this movie, for he chose otherwise to glorify the maya dolases, the dads and other so called underworld dons, and chose to make a movie on the living legend, the flying sikh – Milkha Singh. Otherwise with time his name would have galloped in the vacuum of ignorant Indian minds. For the first time we know exactly why the legendary runner looked back in the infamous heart-breaking race when he was leading for around first 300m. For he weaved the story so brilliantly and impeccably that you don’t know when 1.5 hrs. pass through to the Interval and then to the end of the movie. So brilliantly that when the movie ends so just don’t want it to end. The movie will be with you for several hours and days, like the taste of perfect made cuisine by the finest of the chef in the world remains with you.

Pavan Malhotra, for portraying Milkha’s coach, his mentor, his guiding light, so impeccably that we cry with him when he cry for Milkha at various instances. That we love him to make Milkha Milkha.

Prasoon Joshi, for he wrote such a briliant script in such a simplistic of the way that it captivates you so much that you cry, you laugh, you jumps in ecstasy, your heart jumps, your hearts sinks, in short the script holds you so much that you forget you are in a movie theatre but living the experiences of Milkha with him. The script is more brilliant so, because the life of Flying Sikh is portrayed as a life, it does not paints him only as a Sardar who brought so much of glory and fame to India. But, also shows all aspects all shades of his character, where sometime he is grey, sometime he is victim, sometime he is just another street boy who does not have any big dream for his life, sometime he is one naive athlete who on the pedestal of his biggest opportunity losses focus and fails, to the guy who is so focused that he refuses the seductive advancement of the most sought after Indian athlete of her time.

Milkha Singh, for he became ‘The Milkha Singh’ from a 10 year old refugee Milkhu who will get the next meal or not was a big-question for him after he lost all his family in the carnage of partition of our great nation in 47. The flying sikh who still feels heart break of that mili-second which took away from him his biggest achievement of his life, an Olympic medal, when he was leading the race for almost first 300m, and was the world record holder for 400m that time. Watch this movie for this legend, dance with him, cry with him, hallucinate with him, go through agony with him, feel ecstasy with him, its a journey, a pleasure you will enjoy fully only if experienced on big curtain.

Watch this movie for The Great Milkha Singh, whose life had so many lows that rising and shining from those points are in itself is miraculous, forget inspiring.

And, last but not the least, watch this movie for sheer pleasure of story-telling and cine-love which is so rare these days in the money churning Bollywood, which the team BMB brings for you.

I will write this again, jus Fck the so called ‘critics’ like rajeev masand, or Shubha Shetty-Saha or sukanya verma, who did not liked BMB but Lootera, and just go to your fav theatre and watch the movie.

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