RIP Bollywood’s Star Villain

By Ankush Kumar

Alfred Hitchcock once said ‘cinema is the most beautiful fraud in the world’. What he possibly did not predict was the attitude of those involved in the celluloid industry. Today Hindi cinema popularly known as Bollywood celebrates 100 years of cinema. In this centenary period, Hindi cinema has seen some great body of works, some charming personalities and some classic tragedies. One thing though that stays is the indifference towards stalwarts and how fraudulent is the behavior of actors towards the true treasures of the industry. With every passing year one after another gems have transcended into the lap of God, yet our current crop of industry wallahs don’t seem to get the message that ‘the arc lights will not last forever’.

Pran Saab breathed his last yesterday, a man who contributed seventy years to an industry that is just 100 years old. These were the few good men who were the strong pillars of our cinema world. Yet on his last journey very few came. In the age of social media, just tweeting is an ugly way to express solidarity to men like him who gave these new actors a reason to act. But that is how this industry has behaved not just with Pran Sir but many others. There have been many gems like Raj Khosla, Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra, Mehmood, Guru Dutt who have died in the confines of loneliness and none have least cared in their final journey.

I have absolutely no intentions of drawing comparisons but when Priyanka Chopra’s father died, the entire film fraternity poured in and scribes had a field day. The man had zilch contribution to our cinema and today when a legend left us almost none came. This is how it works here, behind those sunglasses at funerals is bloodshot red eyes because of alcohol, behind every appearance is a chance to publicize an upcoming film, behind every byte is one shot at fame. They came in large numbers at her father’s funeral because she is hot property today. They will continue to come if they get something in return else this industry will continue to behave in switch on and switch off mode.

P.S: Iss Jagat Ka Yehi Dastoor Raha Hai; Jinhone Jitni Oonchai Dekhi Hai; Unki Aakhri Bidaiii Utni Hi Dukhad Rahi Hai. RIP Sher Dil Pran Sir !


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