Bhaag Milkha Bhaag : Story Says Bhaag Janta Bhaag


By Ankush Kumar

Intelligence is a virtue that very little possess. Style is a habit that very few can pull off. Morons are a common phenomena though. How poor we are at our education at the mass level is best answered by Bollywood. With so much ease even the most dumb of actors sound Einstein like proves how naive the audience still is. During the entire promotions of this sport biopic, we were fed stories of how much research has gone into making this flying Sikh’s life story. But the bitter truth that unfolds eventually in a three hour marathon is a big yawn.

Milkha Singh might have had a tumultuous journey, but then so have a billion others. When a movie begins with the heartbreak of the 1960 Olympics you are made to believe that this one will be a terrific flick. But at the end of the movie, you realise why this movie premiered in London?

Every time a Hindi movie has had an overseas premier it only proves the film is a damp squib and eventually bombs at the box office.

Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra is one confused film maker. Take Aamir Khan out of the equation and he would have made a mess of Rang De Basanti too. One scribe had told me a few days back that there are two kinds of people in the world ‘One who are geniuses and the people think they are mad, and others who are mad but people think they are geniuses’.

Unfortunately this man comes in latter category. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is a lame journey and lacks any sort of relevance. It was said Sonam Kapoor was paid just eleven rupees for her role, given her importance in the movie even that seems a lot. It was said Milka Singh took a rupee for sharing his life stories, the end result eventually is not even worth a penny. Tremendous talents like Art Malik is wasted in an inconsequential role. Farhan Akhtar puts his heart into the character but the film eventually has no soul. The only plus possibly is the cinematography by Binod Pradhan and the musical score. Otherwise some lame santa banta jokes and confused storyline is a huge deterrent.

This movie should have been like a 400m sprint it rather turned out to be a lame marathon.

Rating: 2/5

3 thoughts on “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag : Story Says Bhaag Janta Bhaag

  1. filmbuff

    I can’t believe that there are cynics like you who can’t see whats gone behind making BMB. Before opening your mouth I wish you made a note that the legend is very much alive and was a part of this whole film in every sense. i pity your understand and take on cinema. This is by far the BEST biopic made in India. You probably need a shrink visit to sort your head out.

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