Google+ Photo Features – A Photographer’s Delight


From auto-storage to improving picture quality to creating fun elements, Google+ in its new avatar delights all photographers, amateurs and newbies. This one looks at 5 features that make it stand apart when it comes to pictures. 

photo storage

1. Storage: Google now allows upload of up to 15 GB of full-resolution images with an auto-backup tool. For the standard resolution, the numbers are till unlimited. Delightful as it may sound you can choose to enable and disable the feature and save them on the size you’ve specified.

2. Auto-Highlight: So you clicked 200 pictures on your holidays and have not found time to sort the best ones to upload on your social profiles. Leave the job for Google+. Auto-highlight makes sure your favorites can be found faster by de-emphasizing blurry pictures, repeat clicks, poor exposures etc. and also brings to the front images of people you care about, landmark and other positive attributes.


3. Auto-Enhance: So you thought taking good photos and working to make them even beautiful is something only a great photographer can do. We are sure then that you have not yet checked auto-enhance on Google+. It improves brightness; contrasts, saturation, sharpness, structure, noise, focus and everything that could make your picture look like being clicked by a pro. How does all this happen? Automatically :). You just need to upload some photos and then open the light-box to see Google enhancements that are it. What more, if you do not find them interesting, undoing is also on the cards.


4. Auto-Awesome: And now presenting to you the father of all upgrades, auto-awesome, something that could just present images clicked by you in a way you will love it. It can create a brand new image from the set of photos in your library. You just need to upload some photos and the feature tries to animate it in the sequence the pictures have been taken. So imagine a family event where you clicked 7 people with their best smiles. Upload the same and the auto-awesome will get it together in one shot. Animation at its best isn’t it.

Panoramas, Filmstrips, HDR’s and a lot more features are there. Ladies and gentlemen go and click photos to see them like never before. I loved it, am sure you would love it too. 

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