New Year Resolution

By Joybrato Dutta

By the time Aarav reached Ronnie’s house he had smoked three cigarettes. The task of choosing the right gift for Shreya was as cumbersome as reaching Bandra from Mahim.

As he entered the elevator, he chanced upon a huge mirror. He ruffled his hair with his fingers and had a good look at himself. In spite of his alluring personality, Shreya never went out with him. But tonight that was about to change.

Ronnie was the son of a well known Bollywood producer. Money, Page 3 parties, women, cars, and arrogance were part of his legacy. Not many can boast of a pool on their terrace but Ronnie was one of them. And his best friends, Aarav and Shreya were enthralled to welcome 2013 at such an exotic location.

It was 9:30 PM and Aarav had lost his patience by then. Since the last two hours he had been trying to tell Shreya something but his friends always came up with hindrances he could never overcome. Finally he summed up all the courage he had and pulled Shreya aside. Intimidated by his courage she walked with him to the bar. Aarav poured her a drink. Gin with tonic water, her favourite poison. Alcohol truly makes a person brave. The otherwise hesitant and over-cautious Shreya dragged Aarav to the dance floor. There’s nothing more elegant than a woman on high heels dominating the dance floor. Aarav knew his moment had arrived. He whispered something into Shreya’s ears. She chuckled and followed him.

They quietly sneaked into one of Ronnie’s bedrooms. There Aarav made her another drink. She emptied her glass and with all her passion, she kissed him. And then, she experienced the most painful pleasure. Her sigh never screamed so loud. Her body never felt so satisfied. The princess in her never felt like a queen, ever before. She wanted to prolong this. She could forfeit everything she possessed just to live this moment, all her life. She was finally out of her shell.

At 11:30 PM Aarav kissed a naked Shreya and whispered “Happy New Year” in her ears. She didn’t respond, she lay like a corpse. Aarav wore his clothes. Something fell off his pocket. He picked the pack of Roofies and slipped it back in his jacket’s pocket. As he was about to leave the room he looked at a camera placed on the left corner of the ceiling and winked. He exited the room and entered the adjacent one.

Ronnie greeted him with a smile. He said “I am probably the only man who knows how good you are in bed. But tomorrow the world will know”. He gave Aarav a cheque. The words “Rupees One lakh only” had never looked so beautiful. Aarav thanked him and left his house. As he sat in a cab, he took out a small diary and struck out the words “My new year resolution is to earn one lakh rupees by the end of the year”.


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