Exploring Goa-VIII- Moving From Aswem To Morjim

Kartik Kannan continues his photoblog exploration of Goa. This certainly is one of the most detailed description of the dream destination. More to come soon. 


One could ride a vehicle on Aswem beach during the low tides. Suprising that this is the same beach that has surfs coming, in the deeper confines of the sea. This place has a surfing school called ‘Banana School of Surfing’, in case you are interested and land up at Aswem Beach.


On a Hot day, local kulfi ice creams are your default dessert options!


From Awem, you pass a beach called Morjim, which is also home to a turtle hatchery farm. Half a kilometer aling the coast, and about 10 miles by road is a scenic village called Chapora. From the village is an interesting mountain trek up Chapora Fort. In the image you see wonderful view of the Chapora river being intersected by the Mountains over Vagator, and stretches of Morjim Beach in the distance.


Lots of ‘friends’s come along in groups, sit at the fort and renew their vows ‘Dil Chahta Hain’ style. ‘Hum Dost They, Hain Aur Rahenge’ was shot here. A lot of people mistake this scene to be shot at Fort Aguada, which is not true.


-View of the side of the fort, where you park your vehicles and climb up.

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