An Open Letter To Arnab Goswami


Ankush Kumar writes an open letter to the one he thinks is “India’s Most Concerned Citizen”, Arnab Goswami. Ignore a few typos because of the format. SMemo_09




1 thought on “An Open Letter To Arnab Goswami

  1. rohan

    i agree wit this guy to an extent and i strongly feel the people of our country has a very short lived memory.why is nobody talkin about nirbhaya who was brutally raped. arnab on his chat show had promised to update viewers every week once at least about it. what happened to all the crap that was said at the time about fast track courts and how justice will be given asap. its all crap. Indian youth is more concerned about those issues and what the govt is doin about it and if people like arnab goswami can’t pressurized govt than who will???am sorry arnab but i am hugely disappointed wit the way u have dealt wit it since u had promised. i had thought that times now and especially u being the person u are would take it personally upon u to ensure pressure is maintained. we dont wanna no weather fixing happens or not who is makin how much money we want India to blossom and become the super power nation that it is wit the virtue of issues which are grave and deserved utmost attention to be sorted and its my personal opinion that u should lead since u are in power. as they say pen is mightier than the sword.the media has that power so please utilize it rightly.


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