Exploring Goa: The Rail Trek to Dudhsagar – VI

This is the sixth part of the Dudhsagar series by Kartik Kannan!

28We reached a quaint railway place, where there was only one building for a guard. We asked him, if we could board the goods train, since we were stuck in the forest. We actually had paid for our un reserved train tickets from Londa to Kulem, so it was not that we were hitching a free ride. It usually is not allowed, but if you attempt this in the evening, some of the guards help you out by agreeing to take you on the goods train.


We had to walk for half a kilometer to get on to the last bogie of the goods train that was to come. That was where we would share space with the guard. We started to hurry, once we saw the train coming on the adjacent track.


We spoke to the guard, and explained to him that we were stuck in the forest, and after what seemed like a verbal school apology letter, he let us on the last coach, and I took a corner and started resting a bit. Euphoric feeling it was watching the stars in a pitch dark forest, as you chugged along on the mountain railway.


The little moon light that was there, illuminated the tracks, and the trail that we kept seeing reminded us of the beautiful Kishore da number” Aaane Wala Pal, Jaane Waala Hain”. We soaked in the current moment, realizing that in about 45 minutes, we’d be part of civilization! Beautiful little day trip it was! I am coming back here for the monsoons!

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