Thank You God!

Geetha Krishnan counts her blessings and thanks the Almighty for the wonderful gift called Life!


Thank you God for my life and all the love,
For making me happy when I see a rose or a dove.
For letting me enjoy everything I have when I live,
Grateful for my wants which are lesser than what you give.

For eyes to see my loved ones and for hands to do my own work,
To read, to cook, to paint to laugh…to do all the things I care about.
To enjoy my day, to smell the blooms, to see the sun shine and the birds fly too.
To talk, to love, to hug, to kiss…I have everything I want, I am blessed…isn’t it?

Thank you for my parents who cared enough to correct me as I grew,
Who taught me to think for myself…to decide what is wrong and what is true.
Thank you God for the love in my life, yes, I am a mother, a sister and a wife.
Thank you for friends who always love, support and encourage,
I know I am far from perfect…I just try to be ME on my life’s stage.

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