Rebut To The Author Who Wrote “Rebut To Chennai Super Kings Fans vs 1.230 Billion Indians”



By Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

Pretty lousy in your rebuttal Mr. Author! For starters, if the article written by Anuj was “unnecessary”, you needn’t have published it in the first place. You ought to be careful of your words when you write dude! Being a critic is alright, but you’ve gone the extra mile, hurting the sentiments of many with your HATRED!

So, here goes my rebuttal of certain points you’ve made.

1. Dude, all the teams playing in the IPL have the same amount to spend on their players. It’s no different for CSK/MI and for the rest of the teams. Ain’t our fault if RR and Punjab spend their money on unknown players. N all the franchise players pockets runs “deep” (quoting you)!

2. As far as exploitation by the auto drivers, what has that to do with cricket dude?!? Makes no sense. N FYI, exploitation by auto drivers happens in other states as well…not jus limited to Tamil Nadu! I ve faced the heat in Bangalore despite being a “South Indian”! And up north, the first question the auto/cab drivers ask is “Madamji, aapp “Madrasi” eh?” Ain’t that exploitation??? Dude, you oughta realise that it happens across the length and breadth of the nation. not jus in CHENNAI!

Guess this link would tell you how gracious we the Chennai crowd are to any team – regional/international whenever a match is played in MAC

3. Music is the passion of every Chennaite! You’ve jus touched a raw nerve there. True, Halla Bol & Korbo are catchy – pockets of the two Bollywood stars there run “deep”! The two teams spent more money on advertising than on their players…ha ha ha! We were sensible enough to create a simple, yet effective anthem for our team. No stars – focus remains on the true flavors of Chennai

“Kolaveri Di” alone doesn’t explain the music of Chennai. We are a state which dives deep down to the fundamentals of music, providing the nation and the world with some of the best Carnatic musicians! Come December, we host the entire nation and people across the world to some delightful music and dance, n mind you, it’s not jus Carnatic but also Hindustani vocalists from across the country. Music runs deep in all of us. Looks like you turn a deaf ear…I ll send you season tickets for December tis year and then I dare you to talk about our music!

4. As far as your wonderful embrace to us, thanks (but no thanks!) It’s people like you who create a divide n rule policy and it sucks dude! Quoting you again “Change YOUR thinking, embrace US, and believe me the feeling will be mutual”

5. As much as you put up a disclaimer that you don’t mean to hurt us, IT HAS!

For someone who jus said that you were angered by only the fanaticism, this article throws light on how much of hatred you have to a state which is a part of the nation we all belong to. It’s people like you who create the divide. Tis article was totally uncalled for and shows you in poor light! Disgraceful Mr. Author!

CSK rocks





4 thoughts on “Rebut To The Author Who Wrote “Rebut To Chennai Super Kings Fans vs 1.230 Billion Indians”

  1. Ramesh C

    Please convey my accolades to Ms.Shwetha!None of us have the privilege kind of liberty to abuse any region using filthy words. Its just shame on our part    


  2. siddharthsuneja

    1. I do not hate CSK. And I have been to Chennai, and even though I have been subject to the mentioned exploitation, I can safely say that its the same situation all over the country.
    2. I just find it hard to imagine how and why the team is owned by the the current BCCI president, is captained by the captain of India, and has the most number of current Indian players. It seems that whoever plays for CSK has a great chance at making it to the Indian team.
    3. Now that Gurunath Meiyappan has been arrested, it casts serious shadows on the credibility of the team as well. And I have to say that the CSK management did not handle it well. Claiming that he was not a part of the team management is a cowardly move. Moreover, why havent we heard anything from MS Dhoni? He is not only the captain of CSK but also of the country, at a time like this he is required to man up and face the music, and not hide away.
    4. The songs, I have to say that can never be the reason to hate any team. But I still like the ‘Whistle Podu’ better than any other anthem.

    1. Shwetha Kalyanasundaram

      @ siddharthsuneja: Well, there has always been a lot of debate about the ownership of the CSK team!. What we all understand is the team is owned by the India Cements company. Srinivasan, by virtue of his position of the Managing Director @ India Cements becomes a de-facto owner of the team, but not directly, like in the case of KKR (partnership btw SRK & Juhi & Jai Mehta), or RR (Shilpa Shetty & Raj Kundra) and the likes! The Chennai team is run by the conglomerate and not Srini!

      Understandably, we have a lot of the current crop of Indian players in our side which makes the other teams turn green with envy. However, apart from Dhoni & Raina (mentioning only the Indian players), the remaining players were brought back from the auction over time and hence, we ‘ve managed to maintain the same team over 6 editions of the IPL. Can we call this a smart move by the management?!? I can’t see any other reason behind this, considering all the teams have the same amount of money (10 million $ if I m right) to spend!

      But must agree with you that whoever plays in the CSK team makes into the national side. Soon, it’s gonna be Mohit Sharma’s turn 🙂 Let’s jus say Dhoni has watched ’em under close quarters and recommends ’em for the team ?!? (as puzzled as you are!)

      Now, let’s not blame the team for Gurunath Meiyappan’s antics. It has been a rude shock for all of us out here to hear about his involvement in betting (?!?). For someone who comes in from an illustrious family and also married into another illustrious family, we wonder why he had to bet and earn the quick buck! Calling him an honorary member has definitely not been the right move by the management of India Cements. The only logical reason behind that move is to prevent the Chennai franchise from being terminated from the IPL (Blame it on a few ICC & BCCI codes of conduct!!)

      It’s an obvious fact that Dhoni has indeed become Srini’s puppet! Dhoni owes it to Srini for being the captain of the Indian team still, despite a poor performance in the Tests! RUmors are high that Dhoni has been made an “honorary” Vice President at India Cements?!? Now you know why India Cements love their “honorary” posts (chuckle)! Srini & Dhoni share a mutually symbiotic relationship which has been subject to a lot of discussion amongst the Chennai people.

      Yes, Dhoni should have stood up and voiced his views but we jus love keeping quiet!


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