Chennai Super Kings Fans vs 1.230 Billion People


Finally Mission Sharing Knowledge gets into a Chennai Fan and finds reasons as to why they think their team has maximum haters. Anuj R, who famously uses Anuj Chennai on his facebook handle has this to say on this. 

1)  Oh please bear with me! Yes we are indeed the most consistent team. Guess its one of the similar reason that people of other cricketing nations unite while playing against Australia as well. Aussies, the most consistent team used to have the maximum haters as well.

2)  Majority of the people love MSD, Ashwin , Raina , Jadeja and Chika (Kris Srikkanth)… Then I think its definitely not the players. Its got to be the CSK fans who add fuel to the fire by acting fanatical. But are we the same fans who praised Pakistanis at MAC stadium. Irony!!!!!!!!!

3) From the heart, we all know and have heard this statement that Chennai is not colourful like the other states. Sounds crazy but yes indeed there is a deep connection. It seriously adds to frustration to any other team’s fan sitting at the stadium. Though, a fervent CSK fan, I will completely agree with you brother.


4) Whistle Podu – One of the best and catchy sporting anthem. Yes that also belongs to Chennai Super Kings. Mind It !

5) Chennai ? Does that belong to India is what I have heard since ages. If you alienate us like that you will despise us as well.

God save Chennai and CSK from hate and yes let us all “Rise Above Hate”.
rise above hate

5 thoughts on “Chennai Super Kings Fans vs 1.230 Billion People

  1. Ganesh S

    Too good man Anuj Chennai ! Loved the last line – Rise above Hate – hahaha, guess that’s what people are lacking

  2. marshal

    We Chennai people know no other way. Its always 100% support or nothing. We simply love our heroes and don’t fault them for anything.

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