No Pay…No Holiday…I Am a Housewife!!!

A full-time housewife and mom, Gurulakshmi Iyer-Hait believes that its easier to face corporate competition than take on the onus of becoming a homemaker. 


I work. I work  24/7 without any pay. I can’t afford to take offs too. Yes, you guessed it right. I am a housewife. Bored, did I hear that? Where is the time to get bored? With a growing toddler and a husband (no less than a toddler), my hands are always full.

Till I had a kid, I’ve worked and have always believed that housewives have ample amount of time. They can pursue so many hobbies, do so many things. In fact as kids, we always took our mom, who has been a home maker throughout, for granted. We always thought she has so much time to do our work too. However, today, I realize how unreasonable we were….Life at home is definitely not limited to watching family sagas or reality shows in TV.

KRAs here aren’t defined by my manager though. And I must say they aren’t also limited to my potential and capability.

full-time-housewifeMy morning starts at 6. If there is a slight delay because of some fairy tale dreams, hubby dear has to manage with corn flakes or muesli for his breakfast. My entire timetable depends on my kid’s and my husband’s schedule, on the basis of whether is a working day or an off for them. If one of them get delayed, the whole day’s routine goes for a toss. Oh, above all things, I have realized that delegating and getting office work done from your subordinates is much easier than getting your household work done from the maids. However, over the time, you really get used to their whims and fancies!

And then you have your extended family to satiate. You are a house wife and you are expected to welcome more number of guests, more frequently. You are always available for hospitality! It is something that full time home makers might be habituated though. And then your maid decides to bunk on such days with your house full of guests. And I tell you, no production issues or office tension can compete with this particular stress.

Of course, I do get my time for rejuvenation. Once my kid is off to school, the next couple of hours are mine when I sit back with a cup of tea and read up on the current affairs or just decide to chat on with a friend. But then there are sometimes so many other impromptu chores to be done too during that time. While all the household chores get done, the bigger responsibility lies in molding the growing up kid. That’s an achievement that can’t be appraised or rewarded by any boss!!

While I run around behind my toddler, I must also admit I don’t have any guilt pangs of not being to work in the corporate. I now have a bigger target to work on and that too without a boss. After all, I am a house wife by choice!!

5 thoughts on “No Pay…No Holiday…I Am a Housewife!!!

  1. Shweta Shirodaria

    Agree to the core!! But still, a apprehensive about the comparison with a working woman! Both of them being equally stressful…so its always great to experience the best of both worlds. Work as much as you can before you have child. I have learnt, going out there…travelling in locals…dealing with the daily rub of the outside world..makes you trong, independent and well aware of your talents!!!

    1. Gurulakshmi Iyer-Hait

      Shweta,I do agree with yours thoughts..Just that my personal experience was that I could manage job easily than handling a super active kid at home full time..and I did exactly the same like yours..Did all the toiling and travelling till I had a kid..and now handling home..I really appreciate people who balance both and would like to experience that too..:)..thanks for your comment anyways..Have a great day!!

      1. Shweta Shirodaria

        A little old school of thought I may have, but I really appreciate you taking a break and giving 100% attention to the needs and requirements of your growing child. No offence meant to the career oriented moms out there!!!

  2. Magali

    “I work. I work 24/7 without any pay. I can’t afford to take offs too.” Good way to start the article! Love it!!! I am a housewife too, and I love what I do : taking care of the house, cooking, and as you said taking care of guests. But recently, I felt little bit depressed and worried… What if my lovely one lost his job? What if something bad happen to him? What if I had to come back to work but couldn’t find any job because I have no experience?…


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