Rendezvous with the Rains

An evening downpour cannot be enjoyed without a steaming cup of coffee! Sampurna Majumder relates one of her many experiences of enjoying cappuccino after getting drenched!

coffee cupAnd there it stood in the kitchen shelf. Beckoning me with its tantalizing smell, a hot steaming cup of cappuccino, sprinkled with cocoa powder. My desired one, one which I yearn for, every minute and every second, whether am jovial or sad or experiencing severe mood swings.

Heavy rains slashed against the window panes. Droplets had gathered on the glass pane giving it a smoky and sensuous look. The leaves were in the best of their colors, shining brightly. Rain washed mother nature stood in front of me, absolutely spik and span. I was carried off to an almost different plane altogether.

Yes I had to go. I ran up to the rain washed terrace without any second thought. I stood there at the middle of the terrace with my arms stretched out. The heavy downpour blanketed me and my senses completely. It was absolute ecstasy. I could feel a velvety touch underneath my feet. I was engulfed by the rain’s intensity.

No horns, no hustle bustle of the concrete jungle was to be heard. It was only me and the rain droplets in an open terrace on a just another ordinary day which became extraordinary both physically and emotionally for me.

Water dripping through my wet hair, soggy clothes clinging on to my body, shivering within, I came down, reentered the living room and headed towards the kitchen shelf. Took the cappuccino and went inside the kitchen to heat it up.


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