Dilli ki Hawa – 2

This is the second part of the Dilli ki Hawa series by Sampurna Majumder, where she talks about her acquaintance of with K, the ‘bad girl’ of her PG accommodation.

I was on the verge of finishing with my studies at the University. Five years just went by in a spree. It was the last day of our final exams. I was happy as well as a bit worried about as to what lay ahead of this. Despite complaining so much about classes and assignments I felt a sense of void; a thought seeped in what next?? Job? Well, I was gaping for an answer.

However I was not the one to give up. I ran from pillar to post and managed a job with a travel magazine at south Delhi. The pay being very basic, I had to relocate somewhere nearby. After some house-hunting I found an accommodation  at Gautam Nagar, a rather down market area compared to the posh localities of south Delhi. I managed a small room with an even smaller bathroom. The area allotted as kitchen had more of cockroaches and  not to mention I shared the room with another lodger and a few mice as well. The mice were nice I must say, for, they used to ‘sing’ for us at night. I thought, what would I have to do anyways; because I will be in office for nine hours then come back, gulp down something and hit the bed. Perfect for a beginning I suppose. I moved in.

stylish_girlJ was my roommate who was preparing for her MBA entrance exams. Her appearance reminded me of the typical laborious student, spectacles with thick glasses. The room opposite to ours always intrigued me. I was told it had a lodger but even after seven days of moving in, I never got to see her. I was also told or rather warned by the landlady that K, the lodger was not the kind to be messed with. According to her, the latter was sort of a ‘bad girl’ and I must maintain a distance from her, just as the others did.

My landlady’s warning made me curious and I longed to meet this ‘bad girl’. Exactly after a week, as I entered my chummery in the evening, I bumped into a tall girl sporting a sexy outfit which enhanced her ‘size zero’ figure. I immediately recognized her to be none other than K, the so-called ‘bad girl’.

Exchange of a dry smile followed by an even dry line from K, ‘new lodger in the chummery, right?’

‘Yes’, followed my answer.

Over the next few days I bumped into K often and our communication increased to a few more sentences than our first meeting. Sometimes she would offer me her breakfast. Sometimes she would ask me if I would join her for a cup pf coffee. One fine evening, rather late evening I went up to the terrace for an after-dinner-walk. I spotted K perched comfortably on the boundary wall and smoking. She greeted me. I went up to her and our conversation started. I learnt K was the second of her four siblings and she hailed from a small town named Hissar in Haryana. According to her, the town had very few good ‘English medium’ schools. Now, though she had the privilege of studying in one of them, she was to be married off  to a rich businessman ( in this case a farmer ) after she passed out her high school. Her destiny was sealed. However, K was determined to make her own destiny. She dint want to ‘die’ so soon. She wanted to live. So, one fine day K ran off from her house and landed in Delhi. She did numerous odd jobs and finally ended up as a small- time model. And now she was here. She told me that she wanted to make it big in the world of showbiz and so she has plans to move base to Bombay and try her luck there. She also told me that some acquaintance of hers named Mr. D has connections with the film industry.

One Saturday evening, I was sitting at a pub in Greater Kailash with a friend, while suddenly I spotted K with a sturdy looking man. She came up to me and introduced the man as Mr. D. His very appearance put me off a little.

After that, I spotted the duo more than once at different places from Saket to Khan Market to Gurgaon.

After a month when I got a little bored with my daily routine, I went back home for a break. When I came back after a fortnight, I was told that K left the day before. K’s absence made me a little gloomy. I asked the other lodgers and even the landlady has she left behind any contact details or does anybody know where she might have headed for. No one came up with a concrete answer.

I had to let her go. However, her thoughts lingered in my mind.

A couple of years later, I made a trip to Bombay to visit my cousin. I was pretty excited as it was my maiden trip to the city of dreams. I made sure that my cousin took me to Bombay’s landmark areas such as Juhu Beach, Marine Drive and the like. Apart from these she made sure that I take a joyride in the world famous Bombay local.

That day me along with my cousin were supposed to visit Juhu Beach. We boarded the train from Borivali. We were supposed to get down at Ville Parle. As the train approached Ville Parle, we got down in a rush. Even in that crowded platform all of a sudden my eyes fell on someone very familiar. A couple who was hurrying down the platform. I immediately recognized them. It was K with a man and no it was not Mr. D. K was all decked up with jewellery and an elegantly attired ethnic outfit. I called out her name. But… she was lost in the crowd…

I did find her, however this time her mask had fallen off.


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