Happy 100th Birthday Bollywood: From a Fan Turned Critic

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Ankush Kumar talks of how Bollywood has taken copying seriously in the name of being ‘inspired’. He though hopes someday the west also will be inspired from our films. Must read.

Assistant Director: Sir we need to make the breakdowns before the film goes on floors!

A trainee assistant talking to his director in the office.

Director: Don’t worry son, it is all in here (signals towards his brain)

Assistant Director: But sir how will we execute the movie, if we don’t have things on paper?

Director: Don’t worry son I can see the entire picture clearly, you go and see if the food has been delivered?

The Assistant Director leaves the chamber and goes back to his cubicle.

Director: Today’s kids. I tell you have a habit of challenging the vision, when will these boys learn? Filmein aise thodi banti hai?

Friend: Bilkul sir, aap toh genius ho, kahan yeh aaj kal ke smartphone generation ke bacche samjhenge.

The director excuses himself, locks himself into another room and is seen directly on the day of the shoot!

On the day of the shoot the entire crew is clueless of what is going to happen? The director walks in, and in a very smooth manner executes almost twenty percent of the movie.

Friend: sirjee aap toh great ho, maan gaye yeh film toh superhit hai.

The director smiles and leaves the set; this process is continued till the shoot is done. The trainee assistant has unlearned everything he was taught in his film school! He is baffled by the execution of the film.

The above written script of course is fictious but the bitter reality is that for a very long period of time this has been the norm when it comes to making Hindi language films. Today though the trend is changing, we have filmmakers who follow the right pattern in executing a movie, the one thing though that hasn’t changed though is ‘getting inspired from others’. For time immemorial directors have had the right DVD’s in their hands, and have executed movies accordingly. Earlier before the advent of satellite television in our country, our makers blatantly lifted movies from the west, copied their music and made it their own. Since the common man on the road had no access to the original literature, praises were heaped on the talent of these makers.

Times have changed now, we have better access to movies from Hollywood, even the Hindi heartland speaking people have access to movies translated into their language of comfort, and so what do the makers try? Execute movies of other foreign languages and claim it as their own.

Exceptions to the rule do exist too, we do make cinema that is refreshing and original, but that unfortunately can be counted on finger tips. There is a dialogue in the movie Nayak, it said ‘Ek chaprasi se lekar neta tak humare desh mein sab bhrasht ho chuke hai’. This holds unfortunately true for our movies too. ‘Ek film ke poster se lekar us film tak sab copied hai. OOPS! Inspired hai’.

Now as we enter ‘100 years of cinema’ and we have been celebrating this feat for a long time, we should wonder what are we proud of? In the age of ‘Google’ where we have access to the world in nanoseconds, most of our movies are not entirely originals. They say ‘nothing is original in this world, not even GOD’ but that can be the lamest excuse for someone who hesitates in producing features that can be claimed as their own.

They say with age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes the responsibility of doing something sensible, but as we have entered the second decade of the 21st century our makers (barring a few) have actually been churning out more nonsense than ever. The prime difference now though is ‘Their ideas have the stamp of a copyright contract’, they finally have seem to run out of inspiration too!!!

P.S: In a country where our constitution is made by combining the best laws of several other countries, it is quite natural our cinema has been the same. Someday ‘The West’ will get inspired by our movies too!

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3 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday Bollywood: From a Fan Turned Critic

  1. manish

    one of d most loved songs of bollywood ‘aye dil hai mushkil jeena yahan, zara hatke zara bachke yeh bbay meri jaan’ is a blatant copy. It doesnt surprise me nemore.

    1. Ankush

      Just heard another one mate!!! The cult song mehbooba from sholay is a blatant rip off from Say you love me by Demi Roussos!!!!!


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