Bless You!

There cannot be a more beautiful way of blessing your child than by dedicating a poem to him. Geetha Krishnan expresses her heartfelt love for her child in these stanzas.

mother's loveBless you! Bless you my child, bless you my son.
Today you are a boy…soon you will grow up dear one.

Bless you with strong hands to help anyone in need,
to work hard, to give more, the poor, old and sick to feed.

Bless you with a sweet tongue to fill hearts with joy,
with a kind word, a small praise and a quick smile to brighten up days.

A heart filled with hope, a future bright and clean,
a good memory to remember every kind deed you have seen.

To return to the world and its occupants ten fold,
everything good you have had, everything good you have learnt.

Bless you with love all your life, someone to care if you laugh or you cry.
Bless you with happiness that contentment brings.
May all your needs be met and your wants very few within.

Bless you with a kind heart to be compassionate with thoseclose up view a pink roses in bouquet
who are not as fortunate in life or love, with whom they are close.

Bless you my child for all the joy and pride that you bring.
Bless you for being our son, with lots of love from us dear one.

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