Can Cemetery be a Place to Visit?


Sampurna Majumder believes that among the many places to visit in Kolkata is a cemetery situated in South Park Street. This cemetery was opened and closed in 23 years and is believed to be the one of the most haunted places in the city! 

Kolkata, often referred to as the City of Joy, also serves as a great tourist destination. All of us are aware about the city’s landmarks, such as the Victoria Memorial or the Hooghly Bridge. The ones with a more romantic angle might take a boat ride across the Hooghly River during the sun down.

However, there are certain pockets in the city that are tucked away within a quaint environment. One such hidden spot happens to be the two centuries old South Park Street Cemetery. Opened in 1767, it is one of the earliest non-church cemeteries and also the largest Christian Cemetery outside America and Europe. The cemetery was in use until 1830 after which it was taken over by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).


As you enter the complex, an absolutely different world awaits you and it is bound to transport you into a different era. The tombs and obelisks epitomize the Indo-Saracenic and Gothic style of architecture. The tombs have interesting epitaphs engraved on them.

Some of the famous personalities buried in this cemetery are Henry Louis Vivian Derozio and Indologist Sir William Jones.


It is said that the area is haunted. Well… I once braved myself through the same. I must say it was an enriching experience. Some of the best evidences in history can be found here.

Once in Kolkata, the South Park Street Cemetery is worth visiting.


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