What Stops Us from Hunting down Rapists

Hang the rapists make fast track courts for rape cases


So it happened again. We waited for the verdict against the perpetrators of the gruesome crime against Nirbhaya and even before our incompetent administrative system delivered that, we have another shameful incident in the capital where a 5-year-old, yes a 5-year-old was raped for two days and was found in condition only a monster could leave her in. We ask, what stops us from hunting down such rapists?

She left to play and did not return back. Her alive body was found in a condition she least deserved. What I hear from the media is that a 200 ml bottle and parts of a candle were shoved into parts of her body and the criminal tried strangling her after that. Yes, I know, glimpses of what happened in Delhi on that cold December night might have flashed in front of your eyes when an incident shocked the entire nation (except of course the administrative system). Unfortunately we are yet to hang the perpetrators of that crime and I would assume that our lack of great judicial system which looks into anything at its own convenient time, adjudges even crystal clear cases with so much microscopic detail that justice gets delayed and denied is one of the clear reasons as to why such cases keep happening.

This crime today and that crime back then in December are as clear as anything that you would see. Why can’t we act faster, put the criminal on a roller coaster, decide his fate as fast as we can, over a fortnight if possible, and then hang the criminal, not in a hushed up surrounding like we did with a couple of terrorists a while back but in a way that shocks any human being who even thinks of offending a female’s body by even a smallest manner.

The question here is simple. What do we lose if we do that? Have been hearing that death penalty is being thought of being given to people who are repeat offenders. Absolute nonsense, because if criminals like the one we are talking cannot be hanged and hunted down with utmost disdain, none deserve more brutality.

To me the biggest thought in the mind of a person who rapes, touches a women in public with a wrong intention, stares like raping with eyes, sexually assaults a female is that he will get away. How convenient have we made it.

To me the only way to stop this is to make these men feel they will be hunted down brutally. They will be killed like animals. Also they will be named, shamed and every person who tries defending (here I mean family of the criminal) would be named too. As a society we need to make these people feel like dogs living amongst humans. Put a cloth (visible prominently) around his hand while he is in jail or when he goes to court which says he is a rapist and should die a gory death. Only then might the numbers of such gruesome crime go down. I am not saying things like this won’t happen because no matter how many mad dogs you kill, there will be few who will spring up here and there but as you kill, the fear might just spring in.


PS: Where is Justice Katju today? Does not he want to stand up for this girl or he only wants to talk of an actor (having alleged of aiding terrorists) who did a great favour to the society by doing a few films closely around the father of the Nation. 





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