It Is Complicated! A Real Status or a Fad



Ankush Kumar in his inimitable humorous style writes on a broken heart and what all one does to sew it up, only to fail. Another must read.

I am heartbroken. Oh! Really, then why don’t you have a bar of chocolate, it really calms you. The only thing that a full bar of cocoa does is it increases your weight (if you don’t work out that is), it increases the nonsensical ‘dishum dishum’ advertisements on television and fills the coffers of toothpaste making companies.

If the chocolate experiment fails, one thing that keeps the pain going is random updates on social networking sites. The only hitch is that most updates by heartbroken people are ‘Google sponsored’ and remotely original. What is worse are the likes and comments!

As usual when that fails to mend a broken heart, the grief stuck lover goes back to reading old text messages and literature. Wonder how does that even help? It actually adds only insult to injury! If ‘love is supposed to be blind’ heartbreaks makes one DUMB too!

The ‘DUMB’ heartbroken lover then decides to have fun. Goes out drinking, partying swaying to new found people around him/her, and the old ones have an expression of bewilderment and try giving this person as much company as they can. The end result though is totally different. ‘There is high content of alcohol in the body; friend’s cars have proof through the vomiting’. The following morning headache proves the hangover and the heart continues to be broken.

A head that aches, a heart that is broken (still beats though) resorts to one final attempt to get over the pain, music always seems the best way to transcend into a different world and forget pain and sorrows. The first song invariably played is ‘Everything I do; I do it for you’ by Bryan Adams. Most people who know these lyrics by heart have gone through a break up. (I too come in this category)

What is actually worse is the fact that such songs are played on LOOP and over a period of time the people around the victim start wondering whether they have actually found their ‘Robin hood’.

‘The last ditch attempt by ‘Robin Hood’ possibly is slitting of wrists! Trust me it is not as easy as it seems, finding the veins to precision is tough for even Doctors, so for a layman it is next to impossible! (No wonder I didn’t die).

P.S: Facebook has a choice called ‘It is complicated’ in the relationships category. But that holds true for single as well as married people!!!!

complicated 1

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