5 Reasons Why You Can’t Write-Off Sehwag



Geoffrey Boycott, the legendary former England opener has opined that we might have seen the last of Virender Sehwag. Here are five reasons why we think he is wrong.

  1. Sehwag has been written off many times previously but he has always come back stronger. People write him off stating his attitude towards hard work and his work ethic but what they forget is the huge amount of talent and the reason for that attitude. He probably has never had to struggle and on times he had to, he has come back strong, courtesy the same ego and nonchalant attitude. History is proof that only the ones with the biggest willpower succeed against the battle of aging. One cannot possibly have greater willpower than Viru.
  2. Some numbers will tell us why we are so confident he would make a comeback. We are talking of numbers that only legends could boast. For starters, Sehwag’s average of 51.72 is the highest by any Indian opener and a second all Test cricket’s best for a player who has opened for his country’s cricket team in 100 or more innings. Let’s take strike-rate because it’s important considering the number of matches players like Sehwag win on their hitting prowess. Keep aside Shahid Afridi, and Sehwag comes out number one on numbers. Sehwag’s strike rate is above 82 and do we need to tell how many times India has won after a Sehwag blitzkrieg.
  3. The bigger the challenge, the more dominating Sehwag has been so how can we write him off in a daunting situation like this. He knows the chips are down, he knows there’s huge pressure considering calls for his exit are loud but at the same time he also knows all about his talent and has been sounding confident on and off when we hear from him. He was once before also discarded from the team and we all know the kind of comeback he made so rest assured of another happy surprise and a nightmare for opposition.
  4. India’s biggest challenge lie ahead in foreign conditions, in South Africa, in New Zealand and though we have seen some youngsters of the likes of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane do well, we still know what can happen to a young team with no experience in African conditions. For the sake of India, it would be great to see Sehwag back in the side and leading the younger brigade from the front. He might not have the best technique in foreign conditions but we all do remember what he did in Australia a few years back and a similar repeat is not out of consideration.
  5. The last bit is the fact that IPL has always been kind to Indian stars and this is Sehwag’s opportunity to tell the world his worth. We all know the potential, we all know the carnage qualities, it’s just that there has been a delay in display. He would be burning inside as well considering the amount of criticism he has seen in the last few months. The timing of IPL could not have been better for him to hit his critics on their backs.

Overall, someone like Viru cannot be written off just like that. He is a confidence and a quick 30 sometime might get him back to what he does best. I am hopeful that the showman, Indian cricket’s biggest entertainer stays for a while and entertains at the top of the order. 

Sehwag IPL



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