Delhi Delights Indifferent Hues: A Different Take on the Kohli-Gambhir Spat



From among all the mysteries surrounding the Indian Premier League emerges one ever-lasting truth – you can take a Delhi guy to Kolkata or Bangalore, out can’t get Dilli of the said guy, writes Jaideep Ghosh.

If you’re from Delhi, you’ll know the expression – a scowl, stating ‘don’t mess with me’, a prized possession to be kept as carefully the latest smart phone, iPod/Pod and sneakers. This is to be carried everywhere –while driving, walking, in a restaurant, definitely in a bar (some even scowl in a dark movie hall!).

Now, this scowl can turn into a snarl in an instant (like when someone cuts you off on the road, which happens every 30 seconds). The snarl, which highlights bared teeth, jaw jutted out, is invariably flowed but some unparliamentary mention of the offender’s mother or sister. At times, even if it is snarly who is the offender.

So, any of you who saw the KKR-RCB would know – you can take Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli out of Delhi, but….

It all began early in the KKR innings when Gambhir was cut off by Moises Henriques (nothing like an Australian to add to the spice, I tell you) while going for a quick single. Presto! Gambhir Delhi-natural scowl approached a snarl immediately and this continued, into the RCB innings.

Kohli got out and Gambhir went into his ear straightaway. So much so that the KKR fielders had to come in and keep these two apart. There is another account which says that it was Kohli who started it. Either way, it was a street brawl, waiting to happen.

Now, Gambhir is always one stare away from a sneer and Kohli, not to be outdone, carries the scowl like a trophy. He really endeared himself to all with his command on classic roadside expletives during the Under-19 World Cup and though things have improved, evidently there is no way you can take Dilli out of his system.

This is more in the forefront now that he is leading another team (like the Under-19). Call me a sadist, but I am really looking forward to Kohli leading the India team. Dilli will become a universal language and attitude in next to nothing time!

The IPL is supposed to enhance competition, as well as camaraderie. The latter seems to be working fine with the foreign imports – even the Australians are smiling. But all of that, and the professions of how nice and friendly the IPL is, doesn’t have anything to do with something that is genetic in its composition.

But what’s life without our Capital? We love it – especially when we get to see a fight for free.



1 thought on “Delhi Delights Indifferent Hues: A Different Take on the Kohli-Gambhir Spat

  1. farkandfunk

    He he, pretty cool take on it. I’m convinced that both Gauti and Kohli suffer from an acute case of Delhi-belly, albeit the shit coming out of their mouths. For a change I’d like to see Gambhir take on Gayle instead, and Kohli take on man-boobs (Kallis)


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