5 Reasons Why Aam Aadmi Party’s Civil Disobedience Is Justified



Allegations against Arvind Kejriwal and his party that his entire fast was a drama for political gains are gaining stead. Here are five reasons why even if the entire thing was for gains still the movement is justified.

  1. Firstly on sheer numbers, AAP claimed they got 9.6 lakh people to sign the letter of protest. The population of the national capital is approximately 20 million and 1 million is 5 percent of it. Not by any standards a small number in a democratic set-up. This simply means that the people of the day are being harassed in the name of electricity and water bills. Even if half of what AAP claims have signed the protest, it’s too large a number to be ignored and hence a movement is completely correct on accord.
  2. If this Deccan Herald report is to be believed, more than Rs. 60 million is pending from the account of MP’s (some even dead now) as far as non-payment of electricity and water bills are concerned. For them non-payment is convenient, for us it becomes illegal even if the bill looks more like ransom.
  3. A few said Kejriwal is doing all this to garner a few seats in the Delhi elections. To me, thankfully he is fasting, talking to the common man about his problems and taking up the issue in a manner that will hurt the nation the least. At least he is not promising free ration, free laptops, free TV’s as our so called politicians have made a habit pre-elections.
  4.  Finally, someone is getting into politics of development in this country. We have someone who talks social equality, real causes for the citizenry and has a real agenda for growth of the nation as a whole and not only the corporate world.
  5. And lastly, for all those who say Arvind Kejriwal is ambitious, they have no right because at some point, we all are ambitious. The good things about AK’s ambitions are that he is striving for a greater role through his ambitions. At least, from the looks of it, he looks to deliver a much better Delhi (and then India) through the plans he has.

We have trusted enough cheats and crooks in the name of democracy for 66 long years now. We have been exploited long enough and for me even experimenting on the name of Arvind Kejriwal once does not sound bad. Even if it fails, we could think we at least tried. 

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