That Irony Called LIFE!!!

Irony of life cover


Ankush Kumar in this piece tries to decipher the cronies of life in a humorous manner. Read it to have a laugh

The biggest tragedy in the world today is ‘birth of a soul’ and ironically the one that is deeply ingrained in our hearts is ‘death’. The journey though from cradle to grave probably has the best comic elements to justify the biggest blunder GOD executed that was ‘giving birth to mankind’.

The day ‘GOD’ repeats his mistake, he is being doing for centuries and a soul comes in the form of a ‘human being’ (one error too many), people rally around him and hope he quickly learns and grows up to become an assembly line successful product. God forbid if he actually accomplishes that heinous task, all of a sudden the person in question starts envying the innocence of youth.

Once he establishes himself as a perfect model for future ignorance, he chooses a life Partner. (GOD has been kind here though, mankind had women too). He possibly pulls out all chords to find that perfect one. (MYTH PERSONIFIED!)  For some reason he finds someone close, and fakes perfection, the man in question starts doubting his own standards.

The modern man here in his high flying job and mechanical life starts praying for children that are exact replicas of him, and then actually hopes they better his aspirations, he  sends them to nurture their own dreams and later on misses the music of a full house.

Somehow the man in question, pushes his ageing body to the limits once he has manufactured mechanical kids (pseudo rich class types, hi-fliers please don’t take offence) tries competing with his peers in wealth, if he actually pulls it off, starts protecting his fortune in the fear that he will lose it all. (Security agencies and their benefits)

Once he reaches the infancy of death, he looks back and realizes that the greatest tragedy is around the corner, all of a sudden, the shrewd business brain gives way to diluted and calm minds (this is the end my friend) and he wishes how life would have been if he had executed things differently.

The greatest tragedy perhaps is ‘Death’ but not without its share of comic reliefs.

Irony of Life Bottom


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